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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Akina Hong Stole The Limelight By Showing Off Her Midriff

Ron Ng, Toby Leung, Louisa So and Akina Hong attended a promotional event for series "Men in Pain" yesterday, joining some couples in therapy to play games and enjoy each others company. Akina arrived at the event wearing a low cut V top that also revealed her midriff, becoming the focal point for the press and stealing the show completely from the leading roles. When Toby noticed her half way through an interview, her eyes widened as she exclaimed: "Wow! Very sexy!"

Accused of 'capitalising on her assets',
Akina replied flirtatiously: "Don't say that, you make it sound so horrible. (You are stealing the limelight?) Thanks for saying that, but I won a little bit of money on the football yesterday, so I am just quite happy and celebratory today. The show is doing well also, so I should wear something prettier to give you all some photos, especially as I have lost weight lately, (Your bust size hasn't changed?) Haha! Of course, I have a secret way to do this!" As there were some older people at the event yesterday, she was asked if she was worried she would scare them. Akina laughs: "They have experienced it and see the world and there are people with better figures than me that they have seen before, so I am just small fry." As for wearing a jacket during the games, she says the aircon was too cold.

As one of the leading stars,
Louisa's limelight was somewhat shadowed by Akina and she says that she has already give up, laughing: "I don't mind, she is just promoting the series and the most important thing is that she is happy." Then she said in a louder voice: "Thanks for your hard work Akina!" Asked if she feels she has lost out, Louisa says: "I don't mind, I am a pacifist and don't like fighting." Toby had originally planned to wear a tube top, but as she is suffering slightly from a cold, she changed her mind. Asked if she feels that she has lost out to Akina, she says graciously: "I don't have as good a figure as her. Even if I did, I wouldn't necessarily show it off like this." As for the series reaching a high of 36 points, Toby says she is very happy about this and if it reaches 39 points, she will take everyone out for dinner.

As soon as
Ron arrived, he darted into the toilets and it turned out that he has been suffering from lack of sleep and exhaustion, so he has had stomachache and cramps, even having to take a day off on one day. As for the series reaching an average of 35 points, he says that he is confident that the show will keep this good standard. As for Toby's pledge for dinner, he says: "I will take them out again after she has, no matter what the ratings are, I will take them out."

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Ta Kung Pao, The Sun


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