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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amy Kwok & Patricia Liu Slap Each Other; Patricia To Reveal Bra At Patrick Tam

Amy Kwok Ho Ming, Patricia Liu Cheuk Kei and Patrick Tam Yiu Man were filming in Clear Water Bay for ATV's new series 《義無反顧》 "No Turning Back." In the series, Amy plays a legal assistant, while Patrick plays a lawyer. The scene spoke of Patricia scolding Amy, resulting in both women slapping each other. Amy said that she has often been slapped or she has to slap others due to filming. "But I would rather that I get slapped as it's less pressure."

Patricia's character suffered burns as a child due to contact with boiling water on her back. Patricia had scars pasted on her back for realistic results.

In the scene, Patricia had to pull up her shirt in front of Patrick Tam to show him her scars. Although a policewoman tried to stop Patricia, she will be revealing her bra strap. Patricia will also need to use her legs to seduce Patrick.

Patricia said that the scene is not considered too bold. "I'm only revealing my back this time. Revealing my bra is like wearing a bikini in my past slimming ads."

Patricia said she is looking forward to her scenes with Amy. "I have worked with Amy before and she's very nice. I'm will not be afraid of NG's."

In "No Turning Back," Patrick Tam's character's name is "Chin Chi Kong", who pledged to become a lawyer in order to clear his father's [unjust] legal accusations. During this process, Patrick's methods become questionable and will he pay a serious price by leaving behind morality and righteousness?

Other cast members in "No Turning Back" include Ken Tsang Kong, Deannie Yip Tak Han, Law Ka Ying and Hawick Lau Hoi Wai. The blessing ceremony took place on June 18th.

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[X] credit: Jayne @, Xinhua News


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