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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Annual Dragon Boat Festival Race

The Annual Dragon Boat Festival Race, featuring the 'TVB Cup' was held yesterday and the TVB team was represented by Ellesmere Choi, Byron Pang, Lee Yee Man, Ricky Fan, Wong Chun Tong and drummer Astrid Chan at the race in Shatin's Shing Mun River. Ella Koon, Krusty, Mimi Lo, Vangie Tang and Erica Yuen joined TVB General Manager Mr. Stephen Chan to support the team at the water's edge. Finally, the TVB team arrived in fourth place and the men jumped into the water to celebrate.

Astrid pointed out that originally Mr. Chan was going to do the drumming for the team, but she was asked to take his place because he had too many things to tend to. Astrid says that her arms are fine, but her legs are a little tired from gripping onto the boat and she ended up cramping a little. She says the pressure on the drummer is quite greate because you have to have a good rhythm, but fortunately she has learned to play music so this helped. She did say that the team felt a little amateurish compared to the well built firefighters team as they paddled by.

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