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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Beautiful Women & World Cup - Li Qian Talks About Sex Appeals

In SouthWeekly's special feature edition of "Beautiful Women & World Cup" , we interviewed actresses : Li Qian, Huang Luan, Zhang Qian, and Han Xiao. We discovered that sex appeal has nothing to do with reasons why women watch the World Cup.

Li Qian: "Most graceful goal player is Thierry Henry"

Li Qian is the lead role in Hai Yan's newest serie "HE LIU RU XUE" which is estimated to broadcast this summer. She expressed to us that she is a bit worried she'd not have free time to watch the Wold Cup anymore since she'd have to begin filming the 19th of this month. When asked if she picked Thierry Henry as best player was because of his sex-appeal, she immediately refuted such reason. "He doesn't have sex appeal!"

We asked : Why? Doesn't he have sex appeal?
Li Qian: His kicks aren't strong. Usually the player who has sex appeals are those kicking the ball. He's kinda in the background. Even though throughout the game the fans would be calling his name, but he doesn't let it influence his spirit.

We asked : What is the sex appeal in watching
World Cup?

Li Qian : The fighting! Two sides fighting to hit the goal. That kind of posture is very sexy.

[X] credit: THU @LIQIAN.INFO


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