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Monday, June 26, 2006

Bernice Liu All Covered Up To Hide Mosquito Bites

Bernice Liu Bik Yee was the spokesperson at the Alive Expo @ Portland Street in Mongkok yesterday, attracting several hundred fans in attendance. Despite the hot weather, Bernice appeared in a long sleeved shirt and jeans in order to hide her mosquito bites on her legs.

After performing 3 fast-beat songs, accompanied by rapid dancing sequences, Bernice went offstage to shake hands with fans. Reporters asked if any fans inappropriately touched Bernice in their overzealousness? Bernice said, "No, they are very friendly and everyone is very nice!"

Why was Bernice chosen to represent the Alive Expo? "My image is very healthy. Many Hong Kong residents think that Mongkok is unsafe, but tourists see it as a great place to shop. I am currently filming 'Breakthrough Action,' but TVB felt it was a very safe event, so they let me attend." Bernice also felt it was a good opportunity to promote her music album.


Bernice Liu attended a promotional event yesterday at Langham Place and Portland Street in Mongkok as the street was closed off to traffic and several hundred citizens gathered to see her. Bernice sung three songs and during her third fast song, she ran the risk of being groped as she went over to shake hands with the crowds. As the press rushed forward to take photographs, there was a moment of chaos. Fortunately, probably due to the heat, then as soon as Bernice had finished singing, the crowds dispersed, leaving just a group of dedicated fans, who waited patiently.

Bernice wore a long sleeved top and long trousers to the event and asked whether she was so covered up because she was in Mongkok, she says: "I am not really that covered up, last time I was filming and I ended up being bitten on my legs by mosquitoes, so I covered up my legs this this time." With Bernice being selected by the organising committee to represent the traditionally rather seedy Portland Street, she was asked why she thought they had chosen her. She says: "Because I have a healthy image and this event is a very positive one. I am currently filming for 'Operation Breakthrough' so when the company heard about this event, they let me have time off to take on this job." As for the accepted view that the people in Mongkok are a little complex, Bernice says: "Hong Kong people find it complex, but the tourists love shopping here and the shopping centres here have improved things a lot." Bernice says that this event is like a carnival and the audience consists of all ages and families, so she is not worried about being linked to the red light image. Asked if she was scratched by the crowd when she shook hands with them, she says: "They are all very warm and everyone was very nice."

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