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Friday, June 02, 2006

Bernice Liu Unaware Of Moses Chan's Hand Injury

Bernice Liu Bik Yi was at a new product launch for a cosmetics brand yesterday. Bernice acted as a make-up artist and demonstrated make-up techniques for the models present. Bernice smiled and said that she rarely applies make-up for other people, while she prefers subdued tones for herself. Bernice did her own make-up for the event yesterday.

There was a large poster board featuring Korean actress
Chuen Chi Yin at the cosmetics store. Bernice said that the ad was shot beautifully and hopes to be a spokesmodel for the cosmetics brand as well.

Bernice admitted that she only learned proper make-up techniques after entering the industry. In the past, she applied blusher and eye shadow colors improperly, so she would normally let the professional make-up artists assist her.

How does Bernice look without make-up? She said she looks okay and that people would still recognize her. Can Bernice accept men wearing make-up? Bernice said it's fine; Japanese male stars often do brow work and they look great. But Bernice still hopes that her "future" boyfriend would place attention on her, otherwise if he is even more beautiful than her, she wouldn't know what to do.

Yesterday rumored boyfriend Moses Chan Ho hurt his hand during the filming of "Super Cop," but Bernice was unaware of the incident. She was quite surprised and said that she will call him to ask about his injury.


Bernice Prefers Natural Look
Bernice Liu was taking part in a promotional event for a cosmetics company yesterday and she took on the role of make-up artist to help make up the models, seeming very professional. She laughs that she rarely helps other people with their make-up and even when she does her own, she prefers the more natural look. She did her own make-up for the show yesterday. An advertising board at the event showed a picture of Korean star Jeon Ji-hyeon and Bernice commented she was very envious because the photo was very pretty and she wishes to become a cosmetics spokesperson too.

Bernice reveals that she only learned to use make-up after she entered the industry and before that, she had sometimes ended up with different shades of blusher and eyeshadow on each side of her face, so she leaves it to the professionals when she is filming. Is her face presentable without make-up? Bernice laughs that it is okay and thinks people will still recognise her. Does she mind men who use make-up? She says that a lot of Japanese men like to have their eyebrows plucked and she likes this look. But if her boyfriend is so fussy, can she accept this? Bernice says she doesn't mind, but of course she would hope that her boyfriend pays more attention to her. She wouldn't know what to do if her boyfriend was prettier than her, but she can accept him being vain. When Bernice was told that Moses Chan had injured his arm whilst filming earlier, she was a little shocked, because she didn't know. She says she will call him to see how he is when she has time.

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