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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Charmaine Riding Bike On A Ten Foot Platform

After playing the agreeable character of 'Chun Fen' in "Dance of Passion", Charmaine Sheh has become the target of many sponsors for their advertising campaigns and has filmed two skincare ads in a row. For Charmaine's convenience, the sponsors arranged for the ads to be shot at the studios, so little wonder that Charmaine was prepared to risk life and limb riding a bike with no brakes on a ten foot platform.

Charmaine has been finishing off filming for new series "Pearl of the Orient" and originally the sponsors had arranged two days location filming for the ad, but because of the rain and Charmaine's tightly packed schedules, the shoot was moved to the studio instead and Charmaine was quite touched by this. The sponsors then paid for a Swiss street set to be built in the studio as well as mountains and a waterfall scene.

During filming,
Charmaine had to ride a bike from a ten foot high platform, but it was quite dangerous as the bike had no brakes. At first, she was quite worried and the sponsors changed the scene to her pushing the bike, but Charmaine felt that the results weren't as good and insisted on taking the risk and riding the bike. Although there were eight 'human' brakes ready to catch her, she still nearly fell off during rehearsals and it frightened her a little, but finally it was all completed successfully.

Charmaine's fee for this ad has doubled from the last one, rapidly approaching seven figures and making her very happy. When it was mentioned that she would have to pay twice as much tax, Charmaine says that she nearly fainted, but it just means she has to work even harder to make more money.

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