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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Deep Ng Celebrates Birthday With Girlfriend, Nancy Wu

Since the rumours broke that Deep Ng has been dating model Jacqueline, this has quickly been followed by reports of his break up with girlfriend Nancy Wu, but Deep has been hoping that he will see Nancy on his birthday. As he turned 23 on Tuesday, he did not take the day off to spend with his girlfriend, but instead spent the day filming his new music video in Happy Valley.

Nancy had read the reports, but at 10 minutes to midnight, she arrived at the studio with Deep's assistant with a cake that she had made herself to wish him a happy birthday. When they noticed the press were present, they seemed a little wary and awkward, but after much persuasion, they agreed to pose for a photograph together.

When the staff brought the heart-shaped cake out,
Deep was very happy and gave Nancy a kiss on the cheek, that surprised her a little. Afterwards, she stayed to watch Deep continue filming, staying for over an hour before leaving. Afterwards, then the press called Nancy, she refused to comment, but said: "Our relationship has not been affected by anything, we are still the same! Work is the most important thing at the moment, but a birthday only happens once a year, so I made him a special cake."

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The Sun


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