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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ella Koon, Tavia Yeung, Yumiko Cheng On TVB's "Beautiful Cooking"

Ella Koon, Tavia Yeung and Yumiko Cheng were guests on TVB show "Beautiful Cooking" hosted by Edmond Leung, Ronald Cheng and Alex Fong recently and as Tavia entered the stage, Edmond made a comment about her tan, that sounded like a swear word and he went on to ignore Ronald's attempt to correct him, insisting that he was just stuttering, despite his past record doing the same thing. Asked if he had explained himself to TVB, he said there was nothing to explain and TVB had not questioned him about it. He says he did not mean anything and it was just a mistake. As for his past record, he says that he is not malicious and is just fluffing his lines because he has never been a host before. It looks like Edmond has still not learned his lesson after a similar incident on a charity show in 1995, leading to his subsequent freezing by TVB.

Tavia indicates that she has never cooked anything before, so she has been quite nervous about appearing on the show and even dreamed about her mother giving her half a fish and some ginger to cook, but she woke up before she tried it. Ella boasted that she is a great cook and her best dish is steamed egg and beans stir fried with beef. Asked if she has cooked for her boyfriend, she says: "I have in the past, but I don't have anyone now. I live alone, so I don't get any soup and am afraid of getting wrinkly."

Carlo Ng and Timmy Hung were guest judges on the show and revealed that they have different views on cooking skill. For Carlo, who has a family now, culinary skills are important, whereas Timmy wants looks as well. Alex was full of cheeky comments as he introduced the guests, firstly having a dig at Ella over her recent rumours of romance with Ron Ng and then going on to hint at the earlier rumours between Timmy and Tavia.

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