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Friday, June 30, 2006

Esther Kwan Lost 40 Pounds After Pregnancy & Ready To Return Back To Work

Since Esther Kwan Wing Hor gave birth earlier to daughter, Brittany, it has not been 6 months timeframe yet, but she has already lost 40 pounds in weight! Esther joked and said that she doesn't mind having more babies to complete an entire volleyball team of players, as she is a slimming products spokesperson.

Esther shot several ads for a slimming products company and announced that she is officially back to work again. This is Esther's 2nd year as the brand's spokesperson and aside from earning a good fee, the company did not require Esther to wear overly revealing clothes.

"The fees definitely amount to 7 figures! But the biggest benefit was that the slimming company allowed my husband, Nick Cheung Ka Fai to use their slimming services too, reducing his water retention and swelling! Nick always said that his waist is too thick; he saw my weight loss results so he wanted to try the services too!"

Although Esther has not completed her slimming process yet, she has already lost 40 pounds. Right now, she is focusing on slimming her arms and back. "My back has always been fleshy. After giving birth, I had excess meat in my mid-section. But my husband complimented my weight loss and said that my figure is still good and that the pregnancy did not stretch my belly skin. He encouraged me to have more children to make up a volleyball team!"

Watching her daughter grow older each day and become cuter and more lively, it has motivated Esther's desire to have more children. "Having 2 sons and 2 daughters would be most ideal; I'm not afraid of having more children! Since I had to work today, Nick is taking care of our daughter today. He's already a well-practiced day, so I'm not worried!"

In order to earn more milk money, Nick has been focusing on work and will be heading to Northern China in July to film a series for 1 month. Esther hopes to bring the baby and visit him on set then.

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