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Monday, June 12, 2006

'Forensic Heroes' Cast In Swimsuits At Promotional Event

TVB held a promotional event for its new series, "Forensic Heroes" yesterday, with cast members Frankie Lam, Linda Chung, Yoyo Mung, Vivien Yeo, Yiu Lok Yee, Vin Choi and other cast members present. The cast broke into 2 teams and competed in games in the swimming pool.

Vivien wore a bikini and grabbed much attention among the female cast members. When reporters asked Linda how she felt with VivienLinda said, "I normally do not dress as sexily as today. Normally when I go swimming, I will wear a one piece swimming suit with a T-shirt over it!"
being in the limelight,

The normally Yiu Lok Yee also wore a one-piece swimming suit yesterday. She was sick and her voice was hoarse.

Vivien said that during filming, Bobby Au Yeung would often tease her about her chubby face, making Vivien want to lose weight. She will focus on exercising more to make her figure more fit.

Yoyo teased Bobby and said that if ratings are good, Bobby should appear in swimming trunks to celebrate.


TVB's new series "Forensic Heroes" held a promotional event in a swimming pool, attended by Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Sherming Yiu, Linda Chung and Vivien Yeo. They split into two groups and had to play a 'treasure hunting' game. Vivien stole the limelight in her sexy bikini.

Linda and Sherming both said they didn't mind Vivien being the centre of attention. Linda adds: "My swimsuit today is already sexier than what I usually wear. Normally, I wear a one-piece and put a T-shirt over it." The usually sexy Sherming seemed rather reserved and she explains that she has a hoarse voice from a recent illness and when she played Mah Jong with her friends, they all caught it off her. Vivien says that when she was filming this series, Bobby Au Yeung kept laughing that she has puffy cheeks and kept urging her to use a dehumidifier to reduce her water retention. This has kick-started her into losing weight, but she says she is not dieting, just firming up by doing more sports.

Bobby was unable to attend as he is currently filming in the Philippines and Yoyo laughed that if the ratings are good, Bobby should wear his swimming trunks to celebrate!

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