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Friday, June 30, 2006

Gigi Lai: Natural Born Beauty Loving Goddess

Gigi Lai Chi's recent exposure increased due to "Dance of Passion." As Gigi is becoming busier, she has grown slimmer and more beautiful. Regarding beauty and skincare techniques, aside from drinking 8 glasses of water daily, sleeping and rising early, the most effective is having a personal dermatologist at home. As a result, any of Gigi's skincare needs can be easily taken care of.

A Treasure at Home
Gigi's younger brother, Lai Ying is a well known dermatologist. He takes special care of Gigi's skincare needs. Gigi said, "My brother is very attentive to my skincare needs, once he sees signs of slight skin problems, he will immediately provide products for me to apply."

"He suggested some alpha-hydroxy products for me to use. Despite filming in the desert for 'Dance of Passion,' I used his suggested products to protect against the sun as well as applying daily masks. This was the only way to protect against the harsh and constantly changing weather conditions in the desert and prevent skin dryness and wrinkle damage."

Loving the Internet
Many women who love beauty will enjoy shopping, but surprisingly
Gigi would rather go online. "Going online is a very private act; it's very calming and playing online games will make me very happy. The internet also serves as a way to stay updated in international news, beauty, fashion, and cars, which is my strongest interest."

When Gigi doesn't have to go to work, she doesn't like going out and can spend 10 hours online at home surfing the internet.

Challenging New Roles
Since winning the
Best Actress Award at TVB's Anniversary, Gigi looks forward to taking on more challenging roles, such as Takako Tokiwa's "Beautiful Life," acting as a wheelchair-bound individual or a country woman.

However producers feel that Gigi's features are more suitable to play professionals or well-off characters. Although Gigi is unable to take on different roles yet, she will likely have the opportunity soon due to her hard efforts.

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