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Friday, June 30, 2006

Gigi Leung Openly Discusses Seven-Year Relationship

Five months after the break-up between Gigi Leung and Ekin Cheng, she finally talks about their relationship of seven years and explained the reason of their break-up. She even acknowledged that she didn’t handle the affaire with Maggie Siu very well. She only wanted to win and didn’t care about the losses. In the end, it made her road more difficult to walk on.

After the official break-up with Ekin, Gigi has tried to leave quickly and to evade, but she has also faced a lot of negative questions. After a “healing period” of more than five months, Gigi is completely focused on her work now. This time Gigi has accepted an interview in order to promote her album. She even talked about her relationship with Ekin.

Gigi mentioned in the interview that it wasn’t marriage pressure that has caused them to break up. She also frankly said that too many version of their break-up has been spread around and she clarifies that it has nothing to do with marriage pressure. She expressed that she has always put her career first and has never thought of getting married. As for the true reason of breaking up, Gigi emphasized that they were too often away from each other and too little together. Gigi believes that love needs time to nurture it, but both of them were working hard on their respective careers. In the end, these two aspects were conflicting. Although the heart was there, the will wasn’t.

Definitely No Regrets
She also acknowledged that initially after her break-up with Ekin, it was very difficult to face. So she has decided to go to England for a month to plan how she would look at the future again. Also she disclosed that during her period of sadness she watched the movie “Perhaps Love”. Regarding the female lead’s choice towards love and career, she can entirely understand her feelings. That’s why she has cried from the beginning till the end as one can’t control grieving over a lost love.

Lovers breaking up happens all the time. In most circumstances the female will be pitied, but in Gigi’s case it was actually the opposite. Referring to the affair with Maggie (Siu) back then, many felt disgusted with her actions. Even Gigi acknowledged that she didn’t handle it well: “I didn’t know how to handle this matter. I only knew that if I was being pursued, it’s OK to accept such love. I thought that dating was simply dating and I didn’t know it would made my own road so difficult to walk on.” However, she certainly does not think that she has wasted these seven years. If you have loved, then you wouldn’t regret because you have been happy once! She also expressed that it was actually a blessing in disguise. If you don’t walk through one fate, another one will not come.

Not Possible Getting Back Together Again With Ekin
Currently, Gigi doesn’t have any contact anymore with Ekin, but she says they are still maintaining their friendship. Asked her whether they would get back together again, she indicated that she would not consider it. It’s more comfortable and relaxed being friends. However, she needs a transition period so that it would not be awkward when they meet up again. She also openly revealed her marriage standards: tall, handsome, not necessarily rich, has to have taste and understand how to enjoy life!

In addition, when she accepted the interview references were made regarding Mavis Hee being hospitalized because she couldn’t juggle career and love. Whether females have a harder time to bear with setbacks, she expressed that it is difficult to say in general. The most important thing is to find a method to relieve the stress. As for her, she would go travelling and choose to walk away! It doesn’t mean she is evading it, but she is temporarily avoiding to think of such heart problems. She will face the problem again when her mood is back to normal again.

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