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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Joyce Tang Shoots An Ad For A Guangzhou Beauty Salon

Joyce Tang has recently shot a series of ads for a Guangzhou Beauty Salon and as this is the second year she has worked with them, her fee has risen and she laughs happily: "Of course it has gone up. As well as the TV and stills ads, I have had plenty of openings to do, because this chain is one of the top ten beauty companies in the country, with thirty branches throughout China. I had to open over ten stores this year, so I get more money for each one."

Little wonder that
Joyce has gone all out for this set of ads, with different images such as 'angel', revealing her shoulders, low cut tops and showing off her waist, one shot is of her lying on a glass mirror, showing off all her curves. Asked if she will be heading down the sexy image route from now on, she shakes her head and says: "It's not that sexy, just a healthy image. As I have worked with them before, then I am confident with them and the image, so I will not put my reputation at stake."

There was one point where
Joyce overdid the slimming and got down to just 105 lbs. Although everyone praised how fit she looked, her bones were showing and where most people have their fat airbrushed out for their photographs, she was having her bones edited because they would show in the photos. Asked if she was worried about losing her breasts as well, she laughs: "No they are still there. She says that although this is a Mainland company, all of the machines are imported from Germany, so she is very confident with them."

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