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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kevin Cheng At A World Cup Event

Kevin Cheng took part in a World Cup Event in a shopping centre yesterday, where he played a hair cutting game with some fans. When he approached the crowd to shake hands and sign photographs, he was pulled towards the crowd by some over-enthusiastic fans and nearly lost his balance.

Despite the hype over the
World Cup, Kevin has been busy filming for new series "Psychic Cop" and can only watch the highlights of the matches. he says: "Having to watch the World Cup and film at the same time is hard work. I didn't even get to watch the England and Paraguay match." Asked if he bets on the football, he says: "I don't really gamble much, I don't even buy the Mark Six lottery. The most I will bet is a bottle of pop when I am playing tennis."

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The Sun


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