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Friday, June 02, 2006

Kevin Cheng Did Not Spend Night At Niki Chow's Home

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing will become a managed singer under Lau Ka Cheung. Mr. Lau said, "I will be responsible for record distribution. I have already paid the necessary fees to TVB to acquire Kevin's vocal rights."

As to Kevin's contract dispute with Dai Si Chung, Mr. Lau said, "You have to have a conscience as a teacher. A teacher hopes for growth in his students and does not ask for money in return."

All of Kevin's contract matters are handled by TVB. Under Mr. Lau's assistance, Kevin will be releasing a Mandarin single. Kevin's contract dispute with Dai Si Chung is being handled by his lawyer, but the new single to be produced under Mr. Lau should not interfere with Dai's contract.

Earlier there were also tabloid reports that claimed Kevin had spent a night at Niki Chow Lai Kei's home.

Kevin found the reports exasperating. That day Kevin found out he was being followed by the paparazzi when he was in Causeway Bay, so he dodged the paparazzi by going to his friend's house.

When reporters caught up with Kevin afterwards, their first question to Kevin was whether he had a key to Niki's apartment. Kevin explained that he was only passing by her neighborhood, but in fact was visiting another friend's home.

The next day, tabloid reports published a story that Kevin had spent a night at Niki's home. Kevin felt exasperated and explained that he and Niki are only good partners onscreen, but they are not dating.

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