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Friday, June 23, 2006

Kissing Scene Between Jessica Hsuan & Michael Miu

Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu, Bobby Au Yeung and Tavia Yeung were among the cast members of "Casino Crisis" who headed over to the Philippines to film earlier. Among the scenes were two kissing scenes between Michael and Jessica and he smiles that it was 'very luscious', whereas Jessica complained that Michael was rather 'prickly'. One of the scenes was filmed at the airport, telling of how Michael is helping Jessica to get over her father's death by doing some dangerous stunts on a glider and scaring Jessica to death. When she sees him returning safely, her true emotions are shown and they share a loving kiss.

Michael commented that he was a little numbed by the kiss, but it was very nice: "I ate a lot of her lip balm, so I had better buy her a new one." Jessica complained of being pricked by Michael's stubble, but he wasn't apologetic about this, joking: "Sorry for poking you!", causing plenty of laughs.

Michael had already notified his wife of the impending kissing scene and as she is a former artiste herself, she does not mind and was actually more worried about his gliding, because the director had asked him to do his own action shots and there is an element of danger. Luckily there is a good safety record at the venue and Jamie was a little relieved by this. The scene was completed successfully.

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