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Friday, June 23, 2006

Leila Tong Responds To Rumors

Earlier magazine reports had suggested that Leila Tong had been dating a middle-aged man and that she has always preferred more mature men. Leila responded to this news via her management company yesterday, saying that it was all just a funny story and she hopes that people will not refer to her friends as 'middle-aged', because it is not very nice. Leila says: "That man was an employee from my company and a lot of my work is followed up by him and many of my friends in the press know who he is. I really don't understand why the magazines wrote what they did." As for their conversation on that day, Leila says that they just talked about work from beginning to end and did not talk about 'buying orange juice'. Asked if her colleague is unhappy about this, Leila says: "We both just see this as a very funny joke!".

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