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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Linda Chung Doesn't Like Engagements

Having been in the industry for two years, Linda Chung has many good friends such as Vivien Yeo and Shirley Yeung, but she has few male friends and says she doesn't like engagements: "You don't need to have many good friends, if you have too many engagements and I am afraid of places where there are too many people. My favourite is to spend a night in with a few friends at my home to chat and do some cooking, this would make me very happy."

Linda's self-preservation instinct is very strong, after a very painful experience, so this leaves her very untrusting of other people: "Since I was tricked, I have become very careful and the feeling of being tricked is difficult to bear and is very painful. To avoid this happening again, I will protect myself." Linda is known for her thriftiness and she would like to save money to buy a home for her and her family in Canada. However, she syas that if she meets a good man, then she will stay in Hong Kong and place her roots here, because she cannot guarantee her beliefs will not change after she finds love.

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The Sun


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