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Friday, June 09, 2006

Linda Chung & Fala Chen At Lingerie Fashion Show

Two pretty Miss Chinese International winners Linda Chung and Fala Chen were guest models at a lingerie and swimwear fashion show, where they made their appearance amid some dancing models. The two-piece swimsuit that Fala was wearing was quite sporty and cute, but Linda's one piece swimsuit was nothing of note. Then Linda modelled a sexier black semi-seethrough lingerie number, but compared to some of the outfits the other models were wearing, it was still not really eyecatching.

Linda responded calmly that she was not worried about revealing herself: "I have put a lot of tape down and it is very safe. Lingerie and swimwear are about the same in terms of cloth, so as long as the message is healthy, then it is okay. (Are you pleased with the fee?) Since filming series, my notoriety has increased and so has my fee, so of course I am pleased with it." She also adds that she will go with her friends to the beach from time to time, but she does not wear a bikini: "I just wear a one-piece. (Are you afraid of people saying you are old fashioned?) No."
Fala says that she will not be embarrassed doing swimwear shows, but she is a little put off by lingerie shows: "I feel that you can wear swimsuits out in public, but you can't wear underwear out. (Have you tried swimming nude?) People from overseas are not necessarily very open. I am very prude and if my mother found out that I swam nude, she would kill me!"

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