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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Linda Chung: 'I'm Not Sexy!'

When Linda Chung Ka Yan was crowned Miss Chinese International in 2004, she was only 19 years old. Since entering TVB, her career has been extremely successful, with only very fews rumors on occasion. Linda's series also received good ratings and her public image is very healthy. Since entering the industry for 2 years, Linda has learned and experienced a lot. Linda smiled and said she will try her best to focus on her performing career.

H= HIM Magazine L= Linda

H= After filming a series, have you ever been unsuccessful in removing yourself from your character and fallen in love with your male co-star?

L= No, I can easily remove myself from my past characters. But immersing into character can have a definite impact on real life. In one of my series, my character discovered a repulsive characteristic about her brother. When I spoke with my real-life brother on the phone, I suddenly burst into tears because I was afraid what if my real-life brother displayed the same repulsive traits? My brother was very scared about my reaction....

H= How do you define sexiness? Do you consider yourself sexy?

L= I'm not sexy at all! I think sexiness is the aurora you display and has nothing to do with whether you dress revealingly!

H= Are there certain roles you want to play?

L= Yes I want to act as tragic characters; the more tragic the character is, the more I want to play it!

H= What positive qualities do you think you have that make you a successful actress?

L= I don't think I'm beautiful and my figure is not good! But I'm hard working and punctual. Also I will not give up and fight until the last moment!

H= What do you think are your negative qualities?

L= I do not have enough confidence and can be mentally stressed out. It's easy for me to get anxious; hopefully I can ease my tension and focus on work.

Outside of the Camera
Honestly, it's hard to believe that Linda is without confidence. It's not her speech, but rather that she doesn't believe anyone finds her beautiful. Linda feels that many of her features are not beautiful enough, but fortunately she does not wallow in self-blame. Rather, she will continue to improve until she is satisfied. It turns out that Linda is an idealist!

H= What has been your most memorable experience?

L= During "Biter Bitten," I often had to do wire-work scenes. Despite the tiring process, I was very happy that people believed in me and cast me in that role. They believed I would qualify and I felt proud!

H= If you could choose again, would you have entered the beauty pageant? What hopes do you have for the future?

L= Yes definitely, I would enter pageant again as I do not regret joining the entertainment industry. I feel that my eyes have opened and my life experiences became richer. Since entering the industry, I have matured and grown personally.

Although entering the industry at 19 may be a little young and I may have sacrificed in some areas, but the younger you are, the more opportunities there are. There are benefits and losses, but I look forward to the positive rewards later.

As for the future, I hope to get married when I'm 30 and have children so that my parents can become grandparents. If there is an opportunity, I would like to fulfill my earlier dream of becoming a teacher. In the past, I wanted to teach primary school. Perhaps now, I can teach performing arts classes, to fulfill my [teaching] dreams.

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HIM Magazine


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