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Monday, June 12, 2006

Louis Koo & Sonija Kwok: Not Afraid Of Rumors

Louis Koo, Sonija Kwok, Alex Fong, and Rain Li appeared at a Gigasports promotion yesterday. Sonija wore a white bikini and fishnet piece that was quite revealing and took the focus of attention. Louis modeled golfing wear and reporters asked him why he didn't wear swimming trunks instead? Louis widened his eyes and said, "Shouldn't Alex Fong model the swimming trunks intead?"

Louis said that no one has asked him to model swimming trunks before and that maintaining a six-pack ab is very hard, as you have to control your diet.

Louis will be filming a new movie where he will play a drug addict and the director has requested that he lose weight for the role. As for Louis' weight loss methods in the past, he did not eat anything for 36 hours except for Asian pears. Louis also mentioned that sometimes when working under hot temperatures, he has no appetite to eat either.

Regarding Sonija Kwok's bikini, Louis said that he saw her backstage and praised her for losing weight. Louis mentioned that he did not feel awkward around Sonija as their rumors were from a long time ago.

Sonija has appeared quite sexily in recent public appearances. Sonija said the clothes were not that sexy, but she did lose weight, therefore the clothes fit better.

Sonija wishes to shoot a photo pictorial, so that she will have a keepsake to look back upon when she grows old. Also she did not feel awkward in making the same public appearance as Louis Koo, since their rumors were in the past.

Recently there have been tabloids saying that Sonija lost favor, since her bodyguards have disappeared on the set of "Crouching Tiger" and that Eric Tsang was not friendly to her.

Sonija said these kind of rumors are non-stop, otherwise the tabloids would have nothing to write about. As to the bodyguards, Sonija did not ask why they were no longer on the set. As for Eric, they get along fine.

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