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Friday, June 23, 2006

Love Triangle Between Roger Kwok, Cindy Au & Charmaine Sheh?

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au's seven year relationship has been going strong until a recent report accused Charmaine Sheh of intruding their 7-year relationship while filming 《東方之珠》 with Roger. The report also caught Cindy going shopping for dog food and watching a movie by herself.

When reporters asked
Roger of this rumor, he let out a great laugh. He said that his rumor with Charmaine is like a joke. He couldn't imagine that just after he got off from work for 《東方之珠》, the rumor appeared the next day. He said, "The report probably thinks my relationship with Cindy is too boring so they made some stuff up to impact our lives." He expressed that while filming that night, there were reporters there as well. They asked Charmaine how her relationship was like with him. He knew that something was up so he immediately told his girlfriend. Cindy just comforted him and told him not to pay attention to the rumors. Roger was asked whether it would be awkward filming with Charmaine again in the future. He said that both of them are professional actors and it shouldn't be affected by the media's rumors.

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