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Friday, June 02, 2006

Michael Tong Takes His Motorcycle Test

Michael Tong was at the Shatin Driving School yesterday, taking his basic motorcycle test. Although it was raining, Michael still passed the test and will soon be taking his road test. He says that when he was practising, he would drive quite fast, but as soon as he saw the examiner wearing a uniform, his heartbeat grew faster and slowed his pace during the test. Luckily the examiner had a sense of humour and laughed: "You're under pressure, but so am I. I will not go easy on you, nor will I make it hard." Michael says that he was more nervous than his first date.

To have a motorcycle licence has been a dream for
Michael and when he was studying abroad, he rode without a licence. Afterwards, when he returned to Hong Kong, he was often required to ride a motorbike whilst filming, so he hopes that having a licence will help his work. He adds that his parents are very supportive because his mother used to be a street girl herself, but she has warned him to be careful. Is he thinking of buying himself a bike? Michael says that he hopes to buy himself a Harley because he thinks they are very stylish, but he needs to work out his body to match. He will have to save hard though because Harleys aren't cheap.

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