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Friday, June 02, 2006

Michelle Ye Speaks About Knife Injury

Michelle Ye Suen injured herself on the set of "Central Affairs 2" a few days ago. There were news reports which claimed that Michelle's injury was 5 inches long, but Michelle clarified that the wound was only 1 inch.

Michelle said, "I still have to apply medication on the wound, but I don't need to go back to the hospital again." Throughout the interview, Michelle clutched her leg and her friends have advised her to have the scar removed.

The day before, the cast of
"Central Affairs 2" were at a beach promotion, but due to the injury and the fact that she received late notice for the event, Michelle would rather rest at home.

According to news reports, Pinky Cheung thought that Michelle had injured her sensitive lower regions. Michelle said that she has not read the news reports, "[Pinky] and I are colleagues; we will continue to be united and not let the negative reporters affect us."

Allegedly, the other actresses of "Central Affairs 2" also secretively made snide remarks about Michelle. Will Michelle be upset at them? "No, if I were upset, I wouldn't be here."

Will Michelle be wearing a bikini later? "I'll let me injury recover first."

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