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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Michelle Ye's New Love Rumors Circulate

Michelle Ye Suen's rumors have often been rampant. The latest rumor is that she is currently dating Steven, who has a winterworm herbal business.

Allegedly, Steven often visits Michelle on the set during filming, but on the night that she suffered a knife injury, he also took her to the hospital.

Accordingly, Michelle and Steven have been dating for 1 month.

Michelle accepted a Metro Radio interview yesterday and said that she has not seen such tabloid reports about her alleged relationship. When the reporter showed Michelle a copy of the tabloid, she said that she will not respond to personal matters.

When reporters said that Michelle has incurred a lot of negative rumors since filming for ATV, she said, "I trust ATV's promotional tactics and will respect the production department's decisions. [Being a tabloid promotional subject] is but a small sacrifice."

But isn't Michelle afraid that the rumors will make people wrongly believe that she is easy with relationships? "I think that the series will speak for itself. The cast has a lot of chemistry together and Pinky Cheung's character is very suitable for her."

But Law Ka Ying revealed that Michelle and Pinky don't get along? "Really? Ka Ying must have been too immersed in filming; we were all chatting and laughing together on the set."

Leung Si Ho also joked that he would arrange a dinner to "repair" the relationship between Michelle and Pinky. "If he's treating, then I thank him."

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