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Monday, June 19, 2006

Mr. Hong Kong Contestants Having Yoga Lesson With Margaret Chung

This year's Mr. Hong Kong contestants were out filming on location in Wanchai's Golden Bauhinia Square yesterday having an open air yoga lesson with Margaret Chung. Last year's winner Matthew Ko and 'Big Guy' Rocky Cheng were also there to join in as they attracted quite a crowd of onlookers.

Margaret says that her yoga class to help the men train their balance. She says: "I am responsible for teaching seven of them ('Style' group) some yoga. The other group would not take part to start with because they are bigger and find it more difficult, but I forced them to join in anyway." The larger men, such as Rocky did seem to find the exercises difficult and when Margaret was asked whether it is easier for women, she replied: "No, people think that yoga is easier for women because their bodies are more flexible, but many men do it as well. Maybe Rocky was just a little impatient today."

In the rules this year,
Rocky and Matthew will be back to contest their titles and asked if he is confident in keeping his title, Matthew said: "I am confident and have been getting fit. Last year I was only 158 lbs when I took part, but this year I am at 175 lbs. Even if I am filming, I am still exercising every day, doing press ups, weights and dancing. (Will you win three years on the run?) I don't know, but if I stay on for three years or ten years, I will still do it!" Asked if he felt that this years contestants are very ordinary, he says diplomatically that everyone has their own opinions and everyone is very standard.

There have been rumours that one of this years contestants was previously involved in a sexual harrassment case and almost landed himself in trouble with the police. When the person in question was asked about this, he said that he was under contract from TVB not to comment on these reports, but adds: "There will be stories, but if there was anything, then I would be in prison."

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The Sun, Wen Wei Pao, Ta Kung Pao


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