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Friday, June 09, 2006

A Muddy Mary: Ada Choi

Theoretically, Ada Choi already died in 1995. Growing up in a broken family, before she even graduated she was forced to participate in a beauty contest when she was seventeen. Ruled by the beauty standards and without strength of mind, it was actually the same as sending her on stage for the guillotine.

A one-million-dollar birthday party was organised for her 18th birthday, her rich merchant boyfriend took care of her food and clothing. He looked after her without minding the audience’s judgement. Her stardom was only average then, her mother had many debts which truly exhausted her mentally and physically. Her rich boyfriend has helped her repay about 10 million. What does a woman have to do in order for a man to give her 10 million? We don’t even dare to think. In 1995, Ada was only 21 years then and she has already experienced repeatedly many sufferings. Seeking death, at that time, it really seems to be the only solution to repair all the faults in her life.

Ada certainly hasn’t died, she said it was God who has saved her. Today, whenever she opens or closes her mouth, she is always grateful. Above her head, there also seems to be a radiance. “Shouldn’t I be grateful that I still live today, that I can still see and hear this world? It is God who has taught me how to deal with poverty, inferiority and wealth. I completely understand where my place is now.” In the past, Ada was indeed poor. Inferior, I believe she has felt like that as well. Wealth, she will tell you it is all in the heart. I finally understood that the ‘Jiu Yuk’ in “Dance of Passion” is an acting talent. Today, Ada sits according to our directions on a homemade A-type horse manger, with such an expression like the Holy Mother Mary. This is called wealth. If a woman improves, it turns out you can really see her becoming more attractive.

From Trash To Appreciation
It is quite impossible for Ada to not talk about Jesus. Her belief is her shelter as well as her sanctuary where she can heal and rest. People who don’t believe will think that Ada and her talk about Jesus is intentionally misleading people to believe in Him. However without her belief, she couldn’t have survived till today. “‘Jiu Yuk’ is a very intelligent woman and I like her very much. I admire her courage, her resoluteness. She knows her own position and everything is there for her to grasp it. She also has a very scheming heart, but all she did was for survival, to protect herself and her son. In comparison, Ada Choi is much more disappointing. I am more obtuse, though I am only a bit street smart like passing a motorcycle exam the first time or I only learned three hours of skiing before I reached the highest peak. But all the rest, I am only mediocre
, the thing that I don’t know the most is how to protect myself. Initially, when I have received this character I didn’t find her very appealing. Her hairstyle made me look very old, her dressing style was also very dark, but being a household manager I certainly had to be like this. Afterwards we arrived in Yinchuan, I felt extremely pleased that I had this hairstyle because no sand storm could blew it apart. The hairstyles of Charmaine (Sheh) and Gigi (Lai) only had to be outside for a while and it had to be combed all over again! So you say, shouldn’t I be grateful for that? A friend often asks me: “Ada, you always say you have to be grateful, how many times in a day do you have to feel like that before it is enough?” It isn’t about enough or not enough, but it is true that I feel grateful time and again. After I have found my faith in God, I truly knew that I was stuck in a certain circle and I finally understood why I was playing this game. In the past, I cared a lot about fame and fortune or whether I was the female lead for a series or how many awards I had received and so on. However, I now know that one could never stay at the same position forever.”

“Three years ago, “War and Beauty” wasn’t even that strong. At that time, I also had “To Catch the Uncatchable”, but at the time of broadcast I went to the United States for a gospel tour. So I didn’t participate in any promotional functions. I was very unhappy the audience only knew about “War and Beauty”. It was like they have forgotten me. I said to myself that I filmed very hard for this series, even a little mention of the name Ada Choi would satisfy me! However, during the tour, God has given me very clear pointers. I knew for what I was living and I should use my status as an artist for this gospel tour. Others might only come to listen to me talk because of the Ada in the gossip news, but that is also good. That time, when I returned from the United States, it was almost time for the TVB anniversary. No one told me that I was through to the last five nominees for ‘Best Actress Award’. They only called me to record an ad to help myself pull in the votes. At the evening of the TVB anniversary, the host finally announced the last five nominees: “Sheren Tang, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Kenix Kwok, …” My bottom was already raised halfway to get on stage, when the host said: “… Jessica Hsuan.” Dayo Wong, who was sitting next to me, was even more surprised than I was and he continuously said: “How could this be, how come it isn’t you?” At that brief moment, I finally understood everything. It turns out that God already guessed I wouldn’t be in the last five nominees and he has reminded me what my life goal was supposed to be before. When you experience these kind of moments, it is difficult not to be convinced by it. Of course, you must have a certain level of vanity, otherwise you will not have the heart (or the will) to fight. However, I am not that person anymore who, even though she doesn’t have the money to eat, still wants to buy a brand name handbag. In the past I liked brand names, but that was only because I didn’t have confidence in myself. Recently I came back from a gospel tour through Europe and I was reading a paper on the plane. The content was about the viewer’s choice of the best portrayed character in “Dance of Passion” and Ada Choi was leading. In the same article, it also said that the fans of Charmaine and Gigi were in a scolding battle… … I thought, in the beginning Ada Choi was some kind of trash rejected by everyone, but now I am loved by so many. Am I worthy of that? If it is not God’s grace, what is it then?”

Allowing Her Misfortune To Upgrade Herself

said that the term ‘trash’ is especially sonorous. In general, if one really sees oneself as ‘trash’, then there will be a certain trace of harshness. In 1991, the 17-year-old Ada was pushed by her mother to participate in a beauty contest, afterwards her star was shining averagely, with no personal connections her acting skills could be described as superficial and immature. In 1995, she couldn’t cope with her mother’s debts anymore. She went to Toronto on her own and sat in a cable car continuously going up and down while contemplating various methods for suicide. She said that God told her at that time: “If you really want to die, why don’t you transfer your life to me?” Ada then replied miserably: “If you think you can use trash, then take it.” Ada has many similar experiences, but in the end this interview isn’t her testimony, so we can’t write too much about it. However, everyone should take a look at her past, Ada before 1995 and after 1995 are truly two different persons. Now, she has gradually been scrubbed clean. In 2000, Ada couldn’t support her mother’s debt, accumulated over the years, anymore and held a press conference to draw a line between them. Often saying that God helped her? Maybe everybody could ask that. For a woman to stand out like that to face the crowds, God should have helped her find courage and dignity. The sympathy that she has received from the audience afterwards is the best compensation. “In the past, Ada was a very trend-sensitive person and if others pushed me in a certain direction, I would go in that direction. I didn’t know who I was nor did I know what I wanted. I used to ask God why He had to give me so much misery.”

“Now I understood that without the misery of the past, Ada wouldn’t be like how she is today. Misery could break a person, but at the same time it could also upgrade a person. I am grateful for all these painful and sometimes even unbearable experiences. Did you know how Sheren (Tang) introduced me on stage during this gospel tour? She said: “Loved by every person who sees her, carried along by every car that sees her. She wouldn’t even starve if she was fighting a war, Ada Choi.” Everyone knows that my strength of life is stubbornly strong like a machine. I also have a good feeling for orientation. I am also strong, lifting and carrying things definitely won’t be a problem for me. If a war really breaks out, I could be a driver or a coolie. Better said, if I am not an artist anymore one day, I could be a make-up artist or a hairstylist. Every day, I helped Sheren with her hair during the gospel tour. I also helped several of my good ‘sisters’ with their bridal make-up. Oh well, I used to be a thrifty person. In order to save two plane tickets, I will put on my own make-up when I have to perform abroad. Gradually, I taught myself all the techniques. My misery didn’t come from the bad environment I used to live in, because how else would I know that I had to depend on myself? If it is my testimony, I will treat my fellow Christians as my family and be frank with them. However, if it is an interview, I really don’t want to explain. What I say today might be copied by a second magazine tomorrow with their own interpretation added. That is very pointless. I can only say that my relationship with my family has always been very good. I love them very much and they also love me very much. The bible says: “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand did.” The best protection for getting along with your family is not letting outsiders know anything. Last week, a magazine has filmed the life of my father. I was very angry about it and I still want to beat them when I think of it. What everybody wants to write about me, I am fine with it. I can put up with anything, but they shouldn’t mess with my family.” Ada’s parents divorced when she was five. Her father was a bus officer and Ada has always lived with her mother, who didn’t had a permanent address. Two years ago, Ada received a thirteen pages long apology letter from her father and a year before that, her mother has also converted to Christianity. “To forgive? That is too serious. If God can also forgive me, what reasons do I have to not forgive someone else? My wish is for my whole family to be salvaged and God has already realised it. I am very clear whether my parents sincerely believe in the Lord or they only want to please me.”

Looking Forward To A Family
Casting aside from the rumours with rich merchant Lau Lun Hong, Ada truly acknowledges that she was only together with Nicky (Wu). In recent years, there were some sparks with Mainland acrobatic siu sang Zhang Jin. In 2004, they were snapped intimately together touring Laoshan in Qingdao. Asked how their relationship recently progressed, Ada only said one sentence: “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand did.” However, one could see she is very happy. “I have had so many life experiences, do you think I will disclose my love life for others to write about it? (laughs) Dating is a marriage presage and it is also a process where you both will get to know each other. However, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the other is ‘The One’. If I acknowledge it today and we split up in the future, I will be slated again. It is very pointless. Of course, I have a certain longing for a marriage, every woman wants to have her own family. I don’t have a hatred towards marriage, but it is the best to let natures take its course. Criteria for my life partner, he has to be a Christian otherwise he wouldn’t be able to understand my values. Why do one has to pray before eating? Why do one donate its hard-earned money? I don’t know whether I will be a good mother, because I am not patient enough. I can be quite frightening when I teach my cousins to do their homework. I lose my temper quite easily. Ada is certainly not perfect, but God is always there to help me improve.”

A Grateful Person
Before Ada left, she took my hand and continuously wished me well. Thinking back of this interview, I believe I really needed this blessing. Ada rarely do interviews for entertainment magazines. About a month ago, when she was preparing for her gospel tour through Europe, her manager asked her: “
‘Sudden Weekly’ called for an interview, do you want to do it?” Ada rejected it without wasting too many words. Fortunately, (Christians may call it God’s will) Jacqueline Law was interviewed for this edition… one of the sisters Ada was going on the gospel tour with. Ada saw that we used a bible background for the pictures of Jacqueline and was touched by it. So she agreed to do it. I want to tell Ada, besides her being grateful, I also am.

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