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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Myolie Wu & 250 Pound Chun Wong Share Striking Daughter/ Father Resemblance!

Myolie Wu Hang Yee's gained weight from 110 pounds to 145 pounds in order to film her new series "Fei Tin Hei See."

Myolie was filming a scene with actors Chun Wong and Wong Suk Yee yesterday at a mall, attracting the attention of many fans who took photos of the actors using their cell phones.

The 250 pound Chun Wong plays Myolie's father in the series and standing next to each other, they share a striking father-daughter resemblance!

Reporters asked if Myolie will be accepting dieting ads together with Chun Wong after the series finishes filming? Myolie said, "I haven't thought about this yet. Our main focus now is to make sure we play our characters well."

Chun Wong agreed that after Myolie's new weight gain, she does look like his daughter. Chun Wong weighs 250 pounds now and was at his slimmest weight of 130 pounds 30 years ago.

Chun also said that he will not be accepting any slimming endorsements with Myolie after filming wraps up. "My family members have encouraged me to lose weight too. But my weight-loss mehods will be more natural and focus on losing a few pounds at a time. Recent weight loss methods are too extreme, which are unsuitable for me!"

Earlier there were tabloid reports which claimed that Myolie was easily short of breath and that her menstrual cycle has been erratic due to her new weight gain. Myolie said, "The tabloid never interviewed me. If I had all the health problems mentioned in the tabloids, then how would I be able to work? Since filming started a few days ago, there has been so much news. But I understand that the tabloids have a tendency to exaggerate, otherwise their readership would be low. It's also a form of publicity for the series."

Recently there has been a doctor who recommended that Myolie should not lose her weight within a short period of time, as it will affect her heart negatively. "I still have to film scenes which require me to be chubby, so I have not thought about losing weight. My friends have not given me any weight loss recipes. On the other hand, many people have asked me how I have been gaining weight."

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