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Friday, June 02, 2006

Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Jack Wu At "Fei Tin Hei See" Costume Event

TVB's new series "Fei Tin Hei See" (adaptation of "Bridget Jones Diary") held its costume fitting yesterday, with Myolie Wu Hang Yee, Andy Hui Chi On, Jack Wu Lok Yin, Selena Li, Matthew Ko Chi Yin and Wong Suk Yee present.

Myolie wore a tight-fitting white dress and shocked everyone with her thick waist and figure, after increasing her weight to 143 pounds. Myolie and Andy weighed themselves and measured their figures at the event. Myolie's waist was 34 inches and her hip at 41 inches! Although Myolie refused to have her bust measured, she revealed that she gained 2 cup sizes.

Andy's weight came in at 165 pounds; his waist at 31 and half inches. During the photo shoot, Andy carried Myolie in his arms and admitted that among all the women he lifted in his arms, Myolie was the heaviest one.

Since April, Myolie has gained 30 pounds, but she said that she will try to gain even more weight since filming will not officially begin until 10 days later. "I got notice for my ["Bridget Jones"] role in March, but I was still filming 'Tai Chi' in China. Due to my weight gain, I had to turn down many other money-making opportunities. But seeing everyone's reaction today, I feel it is worth it."

Myolie admitted that gaining weight has been difficult. Although she loves to eat, but due to psychological stress, she didn't have an appetite when the food was presented to her. Myolie also tried drinking health milk shakes, but due to their high protein content, was afraid that her kidney would be affected. Lukily after a phsyical check-up, there were no side effects found.

When Myolie entered the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, she only weighed 120 pounds. After her new weight gain, she is easily out of breath while walking. Since "Fei Tin Hei See" will be filming for 2-3 months, Myolie has to maintain her chubby figure throughout the series. (Is Myolie concerned that she will actually lose weight once filming starts due to the hectic schedule?) "That's why I told the producer not to over-work me."

Myolie also said, "Losing weight should be easier than gaining weight. There have already been several slimming companies in contact with TVB to help me lose weight afterwards. If I fail to lose weight, Ms. Lok Yi Ling will let me act in all the chubby character roles from now on."

Jack Wu to Play Chubby Character Too
Despite playing a chubby character in the series,
Jack Wu did not gain weight for his role. He wore a fake belly to give the appearance that he was heavier. Why didn't Jack gain weight for his role? "I only received notice to act in this series at the end of May. Also my figure is quite athletic, so even after weight gain, it will not be as obvious as [Myolie]."

"Actually I have increased the portion sizes for all my meals and already have an enlargened belly, but the effects will not be obvious on TV, which is why I am using a prosthetic belly instead."

Andy Hui Admires Myolie's Spirit
Andy said that he found Myolie to be cute and admired her professional spirit. "When the cast members met for a meeting earlier, Myolie asked me if she appeared chubbier. But I was embarrassed and afraid to look directly at her."

Reporters asked Andy if he preferred chubby or thin women (reference to Sammi Cheng Sau Man)? Andy laughed, "The inner beauty of a woman is most important. I will also get old one day, fat or thin doesn't matter." (But men seem to prefer thin women?) "That's the trend; the most important thing is compatbility!

After eating 'spare ribs' for so long, will you change your taste to 'fat pork meat'? Andy said, "You can't phrase it like that."

Andy Hopes to Sing Sub-theme Song with Myolie
Andy will be singing the theme song for "Fei Tin Hei See," and he hopes to sing the sub-theme with Myolie. Andy praised Myolie, "I heard her singing before and it's quite good."

Why did Andy decide to film for TVB again? Andy answered that since it was not an ancient drama, "I don't look like a historical figure at all. Also due to the hot summer temperatures, acting in a modern comedy is much better."

[X] credit: Jayne @
Takungpao, Appledaily


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