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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Myolie Wu At A Fathers' Day Event For Maxims

Myolie Wu took part in a "Fathers Day" event for Maxims, presenting a prize to an old uncle, who won a drawing competition. Myolie laughed that this 70 year old was able to walk faster than her after she has put on weight. She says that she loves to eat chicken leg and macaroni, so she has probably been enjoying plenty in her weight gain mission.

Myolie brought a picture of her own to the event and to tie in with the theme, she has drawn a big heart and some food on it. Asked what she has bought for her dad for "Fathers Day", she says: "I remember when I was a child, then on "Fathers Day" I would make my dad a card. This year, I will give him this picture."

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