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Monday, June 05, 2006

Myolie Wu Continues To Gain Weight; TVB To Pay For Snack Money

Myolie Wu Hang Yee and Angie Chiu Nga Chi appeared at an OXFAM store to promote the charity organization's campaign to help impoverished regions in China with money raised from its second-hand clothing sales.

Myolie looked over the store's collection carefully and picked out a handbag. "With its collected funds, OXFAM will help the impoverished villagers in Guizhou, so it's a very worthy cause."

Angie also said, "You can acquire name brands at such reasonable prices, while helping out a meaningful cause."

Myolie has been steadily gaining weight for her "Bridget Jones" role for new series "Fei Tin Hei See." Myolie weighs 140 pounds now and almost burst the zipper in a wedding dress earlier, but she said that she has not reached her target weight yet.

Myolie said, "I still have to gain more weight. My new figure has created several inconveniences for me since my old clothes no longer fit and I had to buy a new wardrobe. [Due to the significant costs involved], I may request TVB for reimbursement. Right now I have regularly consult with a dietician, which is being paid by TVB."

Myolie laughed and said that perhaps she would charge TVB for paying for her snacks as well. "I am not afraid of losing weight later, as several slimming companies have already contacted me."


Myolie Wu and Angie Chiu took part in a charity sale event for Oxfam yesterday, where the profits for items sold on the day would be donated to Oxfam's China Development Fund. As Oxfam's ambassador, Myolie did her fair share of browsing through the items and a Chanel handbag, worth $5000 caught her eye, but she ended up buying a Gucci coat for $650. Myolie feels that selling second hand items for charity is a very worthwhile cause and says: "The money raised will be donated to the poor people in Guizhou, so it is very meaningful." Angie adds: "Everyone can buy designer gear at a bargain price and also help the needy, so why not do it at the same time!"

Myolie has been gaining weight to film for new series "Lush Fields Happy Times" and with her weight reaching 140 lbs, she was bursting out of the wedding dress she was modelling earlier. However, Myolie says she has still not reached her target, so she is still gaining weight. She says: "I still have to keep adding pounds. (Are you used to it?) My weight is making things really hard for me now because none of my clothes at home fit me now and I have to buy a new wardrobe." Asked if she is spending more now, she says: "Yes, maybe I will have to apply for a subsidy from the company. I have to go and see a nutritionist on a regular basis, but this is already being paid for by the company." After saying this, Myolie laughs that maybe she will start charging her snack food to the company as well: "Although I am used to it now and have put on the weight, I am not afraid of losing it again later because I have a slimming company approaching me at the moment."

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