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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Myolie Wu To Wear Bikni In "Fei Tin Hei See"; New Nickname Is "Fat Girl"

Myolie Wu Hang Yee and Andy Hui Chi On were filming a running scene in Wanchai for new series "Fei Tin Hei See" yesterday.

After gaining 40 pounds, Myolie was easily out of breath while filming the running scene. Her new chubby image has been widely accepted by many and the production crew members called her "Fat Girl" (Fei Mui) on the set.

Myolie was happy about the new nickname because it proved that her new image has been accepted by many people.

The scene spoke of
Andy running to retrieve a purse which had special significance. Myolie was running behind Andy and due to the high temperatures, they had to stop every 2 minutes to cool off their sweat and let the make-up artist adjust their make-up.

For the athletic Andy, running is not an obstacle. But for the chubby Myolie, she has to stop for breath each time she runs a short distance. In one scene, Myolie had to run up and down a flight of stairs, while pulling up her pants. She kept saying, "My pants are about to fall off!" The scene was very humorous.

Reporters asked Myolie whether it was especially tiresome for her after her weight gain? "I don't know how to tell. Normally, I don't exercise a lot. Also I have always been afraid of hot weather. Today was extremely hot!"

Andy was running easily throughout and during breaktime, he even did a set of push-ups! Andy said, "Normally when I play soccer, I run about all the time. Today's filming was not too tiring, but I understand how it can be tiring for Myolie, since her body is heavier after the weight gain."

The filming attracted many bystanders, of which several were tourists. One tourist asked to take a photo with Andy, which he cheerfully agreed to do so. "I want the tourists to have a good impression of Hong Kong and that we are generous to tourists!"

In another scene, Myolie and Andy slept on the streets near the Wanchai harbor. Andy got drunk in the scene and was unconscious. So Myolie settled Andy on the street and used newspapers to cover him to protect him from the night wind. Then Myolie settled down and went to sleep next to Andy by the harbor. Luckily Myolie rested her head on Andy's thigh, which acted as a "flesh pillow." Afterwards, Myolie laughed and said Andy's thigh felt very bony.

Also Myolie will be filming a swimming scene in which she will appear in a bikini. "With my new figure now, the bikini will have a lot of cloth! I don't mind appearing in a bikini."

Andy said that he is looking forward to the swimming scene with Myolie. "I think Myolie will look very cute in a bikini in her new chubby figure. I support Myolie for sacrificing in the name of art!" Andy said he doesn't mind wearing the swimming wear provided by the director, as long as it is not a T-back (thong).

Also there have been rumors that the producer is not satisfied with Myolie's current weight and wishes that she increase her weight to 180 lbs. Allegedly, Myolie's new weight gain has caused her menstrual cycle to become irregular.

Myolie responded, "The actual weight is not very important, as long as the proper image is delivered. As to my menstrual irregularity, how would they know? They didn't hide underneath my bed! Anyway, thanks for asking."

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