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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nick Cheung To Buy Father's Day Gift With 4 Month Old Daughter's Money

Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Francis Ng Chun Yu, and Rain Li Choi Wah appeared at a celebratory feast for new movie "Black and White." New father Nick Cheung had special plans for his first "Father's Day" this year.

"When it was "Mother's Day", my wife, Esther Kwan Wing Ho wanted to use the money received from our daughter's red envelopes to buy herself a "Mother's Day" gift, but I stopped Esther."

"However since it is now "Father's Day", I want to also use my daughter's money and buy myself a present, as this will be my daughter's gift to me."

Nick and Esther's daughter is already 4 months old. Esther normally takes care of the baby and does not let Nick hold her. Nick said, "In the past, I always played gangster roles and tough characters; I hope in the future I can play more benevolent characters which will make my daughter proud when she watches my movies."

The May box office for domestic HK films have been poor. In reaction to this, Francis Ng said, "This is limited by the topics of HK movies. They want to appeal to the audience's taste in China, making the movie quality suffer. Hopefully there will be better movie topics in the future so as not to disappoint everyone."

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