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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Operation Breakthrough" Held A Blessing Ceremony

TVB's new series "Operation Breakthrough" had a blessing ceremony yesterday attended by cast members including Ron Ng, Steven Ma, Kate Tsui and Shirley Yeung. Kate was shooting a rape scene earlier and accidentally injured by a door, so she was still sporting a slight bruise to her cheek yesterday. She says that producer Mui Siu Ching is very good and let her rest for two days. She adds that luckily she has got a bit of a tan, so the injury is easily covered by a little concealer. She laughs that there are not many action scenes in this series, so maybe this one can count as one.

Ron also had a part in the rape scene and in his haste to help Kate, he accidentally trapped his hand, but he laughs that thanks to Kate, he got a couple of days off. With reports that in a holding hands scene earlier, he still held onto her hand even after the cameras had stopped rolling, Ron explains that they were still filming and holding hands does not mean anything. Later, there will be a proposal scene. Ron's series "Pain of Men" reached just 28 points last week and he hopes that this will move up and he knows that the reaction has not been bad. Asked how he will help to push up the ratings, he says that if it goes above 30 points, then he will buy abalone flavoured noodles for everyone. When the press booed him for this, he laughed that he meant abalone and noodles. When the reporters suggested he should go topless, he smiled: "No!"

After paying her respects,
Shirley immediately packed up some roast pig to take away. When the reporters said she was very thrifty, she says that she was taking it home to make congee and then she will feed the bones to her dogs. She feels that we should not waste food and bones are very nutritious for her dogs. When it was mentioned that she should be able to buy her second apartment with all her savings, she says: "Don't say that, I have to pay the first one off first." She says that she does not mind being called stingy because she doesn't think people think badly of her. Asked if her boyfriend loves her for being so good with money, she laughs that she doesn't know, but this is just her attitude.

Steven has been working as a Children's Ambassador in China recently, staying in Foshan for a week and shooting a special show, where he will play the "Monkey King" and Angela Tong will play "Piggy". As Steven has been very busy at work lately, he has not had time to check his post and the bank has been chasing him for $800. He is considering hiring a secretary to deal with his personal affairs.

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