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Friday, June 09, 2006

'Pain of Being a Man' Cast Versus 'La Femme Desperado' In Dance-Off

To promote upcoming series "The Pain of Being a Man," cast members Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Damian Lau Chung Yan, Wu Fung, Florence Kwok Shiu Wan, Rocky Cheng and Toby Leung Ching Kei had a dancing face-off against "La Femme Desperado's" Sheren Tang Shui Man, Kate Tsui Tsi San and Natalie Wong Gei Ying.

Coming from a dancing background, Ron Ng did not experience any difficulty in the dance-off yesterday. When Ron was still a dancer, his favorite was ballroom dancing. Many of his friends have received a license to teach ballroom dancing in China. They receive a good income, since many rich ladies like to learn ballroom dancing skills.

Reporters asked whether Ron's friends have introduced any rich ladies to him? "No not yet." (What if a rich lady asked for "your price"?) "No one has asked for my price."

"My friends asked if someone offered several million dollars to reserve me for a week, whether I would be willing or not. But my life is destined to be full of hard work and I prefer filming instead."

When Ron was young, he often saw his mother dancing and he would grab her hands and dance along with her. Reporters pointed out that Ron's mother is also a "rich lady." Ron laughed, "But I take care of her!"

The stars engaged in some ballroom dancing steps, with Sheren and Damien's involvement standing out the most. Sheren Tang's weakness has always been dancing and at first she thought that Damien Lau was a good ballroom dancer, but found out that his dancing skills were even worse than hers.

Sheren also noted that she has been wanting to improve her dancing skills, but she does not have a dancing partner. Reporters asked Sheren why she didn't find a boyfriend, then she will have a dancing partner. "Finding a dancing partner is already hard, you can imagine the difficulty in finding a boyfriend."

Aside from dancing, another of Sheren's weakness is in riding horses. "Horses can sense whether you are skilled in horsemanship or not. One time I was on a horse, he kicked up, and although I did not get thrown off, I was extremely scared."

Is Damien Lau confident that the ratings of "The Pain of Being a Man" will beat "La Femme Desperado?" Damien said he doesn't know, but the series is a good watch and he has put in his hard efforts.

Kate Tsui was paired off with "dancing king" Wu Fung, who has a very sharp memory when it caming to dancing steps. Was Kate attracted by Wu Fung's dancing skills? Kate laughed, "What? He is my senior; I know he was very handsome when he was young, but now he still looks great."


The story of the modern man, "Pain of Men" will begin airing next Tuesday and a promotional event entitled "Little Women dance versus Big Men" was held yesterday, where the ladies from "La Femme Desperado", such as Sheren Tang, Kate Tsui and Natalie Wong were paired up with the men from "Pain", Damian Lau, Ron Ng and Woo Fung and together with other cast members such as Toby Leung and Florence Kwok, they gave a big display of ballroom dancing. Sheren and Damian's performance was less than shining and they were totally out of step. Talking of the pain of being a man, Damian lost his usual calm demeanor and poured his heart out, much to everyone's surprise, but then he explained that he was just joking.

Sheren, who does not know how to dance, she thought that Damian would be an expert, but the pressure was lifted from her when she realised how badly he was coping and found his skills to be worse than hers. She laughs: "I have never learned to danced ballroom before, except when I had to film a telemovie earlier where I had a couple of lessons. I wanted to continue after that, but I couldn't find a male partner. At first Zac Koo had offered to go with me, but then I didn't have time, so dancing for me is an improvisation and it looks terrible. I have lost my confidence, so if I have to dance, then I will even forget how to act. (Do you want to find a boyfriend soon to be your partner?) Dance partners are hard enough to find, never mind boyfriends, so I will not be looking in this way." As well as dancing being her worst nightmare, Sheren's other phobia is horseriding, especially now she is getting older. She smiles: "Horses know if you can ride or not and once I was tossed up in the air. Although I didn't fall, I was so afraid that I burst into tears!"

Damian revealed that he was interested in learning to dance, he was called upon by the reporters to ask Sheren to be his partner, to which he immediately replied: "Yes!" Asked if he thought the ratings for "Pain" would top those of "Femme", he says he does not know, but he does know that the series is very good and he has given his all.

Kate was paired up with 'Dancing King' Woo Fung and she says she was quite nervous about this, before praising him for his good memory for all the dance steps. Asked if she was attracted by his dancing, she smiles: "What? He is a senior, I know he was very good looking in his youth, but he still looks good now."

As a former dancer,
Ron found no difficulty with the dancing because when he was in the profession, his favourite dance was ballroom and he found ballet boring. Ron says that ballroom is very popular and many of his friends have taken an exam for a licence to teach it. Some have even gone to China, as many rich housewives like this kind of dance and the income from this is quite substantial. Asked if anyone has introduced him to a rich housewife, Ron says: "Not yet. (Has anyone asked you for a price?) No, so I am a little embarrassed about that, but my friend once asked me if I would sell myself for a week for a few million dollars. (Would you?) I work hard myself. (Being bought up is still working?) I would still prefer to act and make series." Ron says that when he was young, he often saw his mother dancing and at the time, he would hold his mum's hand and spin around. When it was suggested his mum is a rich housewife, Ron laughs: "No, I have bought her up." Ron has never been asked for a price, nor has he taken part in a 'private dinner', laughing that he does not have time to go out to eat.

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