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Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Pain Of Men" Casts At Fathers' Day Promotional Event

TVB's new series "Pain of Men" held a Fathers' Day promotional event in a shopping centre yesterday, attended by Ron Ng, Toby Leung and Johnson Lee. Other stars Damian Lau and Louisa So could not make it because of illness and other commitments. In a balloon-bursting event, Ron suddenly said: "Being trodden but still have to work." Afterwards, he was very reserved when he was playing games.

With this being
Toby's first series, she has been so nervous that she has not been able to sleep. She says she does not have any expectations for the results and she is ready for any criticisms over her acting. She also reveals that her father (TVB Drama Dept Assistant Chief Tommy Leung) has already seen two episodes of the show and has praised her performance as not bad. She says: "Maybe he is biased, so he has praised me. Howeer, if I am unnatural in the show when it airs, my dad will tell me about it."

Asked if she has any pledges for the ratings,
Toby laughs: "Ron says that if the show reaches 42 points, then we will go for dinner, but I will take everyone out even if it only reaches 39 points. (Will you hold a swimwear party to celebrate?) No, my dad won't even let me wear a slightly sexy outfit. Although he won't scold me, he will not let me have this party."

Ron says that if the show hits 42 points, then he will take everyone for abalone noodles. Talking of his kissing scene with Toby, he was asked by press if he was afraid of being scolded by Tommy for this, but he replied lightly: "I am not afraid, the script was not too overboard. I have known Toby for a while, if the rumours continue, then that is all they are and they are not true."

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