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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Raymond Lam Bumps Into The Cast Of "Dance Of Passion" At The Shanghai Film Festival

Raymond Lam was present at the Shanghai Film Festival yesterday, where he bumped into colleagues from TVB who are out promoting "Dance of Passion". Currently working on the mainland with Taiwanese actress Tammy Chen and Alex Fong Chung Shun on mainland production "Love's New Breath", Raymond joined fellow cast members at the festival, meeting with fans at the stand for the local company. However, the TVB stand was more popular as cast members from "Dance" including Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Kenny Wong were drawing in the crowds. Bowie was the busiest, as his fans waved flags and called out his name. At one point, the counter collapsed with the weight of the people crowding around and the stars had to take a few steps back for safety.

Asked if he would drop by to see his colleagues and give them a hand,
Raymond says: "I am representing China Central Television today, so although I am a TVB person, I can't really go over there." During the breaks, Raymond and Alex were accosted by some violent flirting by mainland star Jiang Rong, but they kept their eyes straight and ignored her, putting her out somewhat.

Gigi reveals that her two series "War and Beauty" and "Healing Hands III" have struck her with some popularity in the mainland and she has had many offers of work such as stage appearances, series and ads and even the opportunity to work with her idol Chen Daoming, but as she is currently busy filming for TVB, she has had to turn many of them down. Although she has lost out on several million dollars of work, she still plays up to TVB, saying: "I remember my roots and the most important thing is to complete the work I have in hand first." Bowie says he is not worried about the top male position being taken over by Moses Chan or Kenny, saying he is ready to accept the challenge.

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