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Friday, June 23, 2006

Raymond Lam: I Am Not ‘Brokeback’

Raymond Lam is currently filming his new series “New Breath of Love” in Shanghai. Many fans has made a long and tiring journey to visit him on the set. They have especially organised a fans meeting the day before with 300 fans as they were worried for their safety as well as a possible delay of the filming process. Raymond appeared in a white ‘Prince Charming’ look, replying every question of his fans.

Asked whether he would date a fan, he smiled that he would not rule out this possibility as the most important thing is communication. What qualities does he look for in a girlfriend? He said that she has to have long hair, whether she is pretty is not important and he will also not date someone from the entertainment circle. Upon asked when he wants to be a husband, he awkwardly said that he didn’t have any plans as he will only consider it after he has build a basis for his career as well as achieved some results. When mentioning that there were rumours about a ‘brokeback’ relationship with his good mate Ron Ng, he responded loudly: “I am not ‘brokeback’!”

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