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Friday, June 16, 2006

Raymond Lam In Topless Bed Scene In "New Breath of Love"

Raymond Lam Fung and Tammy Chan Yi Yung were filming a bed scene yesterday for their new series, "New Breath of Love." Raymond not only appeared topless for the scene, but he had to share a kiss with Tammy, who had a cyst on her lips!

The scene was filming at a hotel in Suzhou and Raymond revealed his "two points" in the scene. Although Raymond and Tammy share several intimate scenes in the series, Raymond was quite anxious, "After I took off my shirt, I felt even hotter than with my shirt on! Afterall, Tammy is quite hot!"

The reporter asked if Raymond had any physical reaction? "No, we are both professional actors." Raymond also said that he was too involved in the acting and did not notice Tammy's coffee after taste.

Raymond mentioned that he was afraid that he would accidentally burst the cyst on Tammy's lip. The reporter noticed that Raymond has gained a bit of weight. "I haven't had the time to work out; I only gained 2-3 extra pounds."

The new series, "New Breath of Love" will feature the original actors' voices and the theme song will be sung by Morning Monsume.


Raymond Lam has given Tammy Chen a screen first as he appears half naked in a kissing scene. Filming in a Suzhou hotel for mainland series "Love's New Breath", Raymond appeared shirtless, outshining Tammy in the sexiness stakes. Although they both have numerous kissing scenes in the series, Raymond is still very nervous: "I feel warmer after I have taken my clothes off! After all, this is a 'bed scene' and Tammy is so hot! (Any natural reflexes?) No! Everyone is very professional and I have not thought about these things." Raymond laughs that he is too absorbed into the shoot and he doesn't notice the coffee taste from her mouth.

Ray is sexier than Tammy, the show was actually stolen by an ulcer on her lips and Raymond teased her saying: "If I burst her ulcer, then I will just swallow it! I can't just tell the director to cut. I really didn't know what to do, I should have asked her to burst it first before shooting the scene." When it was mentioned that he is looking a little plump, Raymond says: "I don't have time to go to the gym, so I have put on about two or three pounds."

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