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Monday, June 05, 2006

Raymond Lam: The Pain Of Being A Hairy Man

Raymond Lam Fung, Lau Sam Yau, Natalie Tong Si Wing, Rosemary and Kwok Sum Kei appeared at a laser hair removal promotional event yesterday. "Love Tree" was also raising funds to help an eye clinic.

Raymond introduced Lau Sam Yau, the product spokesperson, as "the perfect woman" and helped her put on a diamond necklace worth more than $100,000 (HKD).

Raymond flew from Shanghai to Hong Kong especially for the event. Since "La Femme Desperado," Raymond has understood women much better. A perfect woman should be able to resonate attraction and feminity, as well as have expectations of herself.

Raymond revealed that he is a hairy man and his legs are especially full of hair.

Raymond said that men can not rid themselves fully of hair, otherwise the feeling is very awkward. Is Raymond afraid of hairy women? He laughed, "I heard that beautiful women will have a moustache, as I have seen within and outside of the industry."

"But women who have a lot of hair will have more troubles, as I have a lot of facial hair and shaving 3 times a day is not enough."

How did Raymond feel when he kissed an actress with a moustache? "It's nothing really, but once when I filmed with an actress with long fine [facial] hair, I jokingly asked her to shave her moustache first so that the hairs won't poke me."


Spokesperson for a wedding salon Annie Lau joined Raymond Lam, Trammie Kwok and Natalie Tong in an opening ceremony for a laser hair removal salon as well as raising funds for Orbis. Raymond was responsible for introducing "Perfect Goddess" Annie and helping her put on diamonds worth $100,000 presented to her by the sponsors.

Returning from Shanghai especially for this event,
Raymond laughs that after filming for "La Femme Desperado", he has gained a greater understanding of women and he feels that a perfect woman should have a unique attractiveness and elegance about her as well as have expectations of herself. Annie fulfils this criteria exactly. It turns out that Raymond is quite a hairy guy, especially on his legs, but he feels that men should not be bare, otherwise it looks strange. Asked if he is afraid of hairy women, he laughs: "I have heard that pretty girls can still grow facial hair, I have seen this within and outside the industry, but it will be a lot of hassle for women with a lot of hair. If they are like me, then shaving three times a day is not enough. (How does it feel to film a kissing scene with a female artiste who has facial hair?) Nothing special, but I did once ask an actress I was working with to shave off her stubble first to avoid it poking into me."

Annie was thankful to Raymond for describing her as the 'Perfect Goddess' and says that he is very handsome. Is Raymond her image of Prince Charming? Annie laughs: "He is too dark! He is good looking and stylish though."

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