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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ron Ng, Bernice Liu, Steven Ma Filming For Series "Operation Breakthrough"

Ron Ng, Bernice Liu, Steven Ma and veteran actor Elliot Yue (aka Ngok Wa) were filming on location earlier for new series "Operation Breakthrough", during which they all showered each other with praises about their acting talent.

For the younger cast members, working with a respected veteran actor such as
Elliot was a memorable occasion and although he has not filmed a series for over ten years, his acting talent is still acute and he was right into character as soon as the cameras rolled. He was very polite and praised his junior co-stars for being very hardworking and in no way inferior to many more experienced actors. He got on particularly well with Bernice, who originates from Canada, where Elliot has been residing and Bernice was a little shocked when she found out that Elliot knew about her: "I don't know him at all, but he remembers me taking part in a beauty contest in Vancouver. I think he is very absorbed when he is acting and he is very skilful. (Is there any pressure working with your seniors?) No, I hope I can learn a lot from him and he is very amicable."

Ron was also full of praises at working with Elliot and Steven for the first time: "I remember watching Elliot in 'Looking Back in Anger' and I admire him for still being able to get straight back into acting after over ten years away. I would never have guessed how witty and humourous Steven is and after five years away from modern series, he is still as good looking!"

After receiving so much good feedback from his juniors,
Elliot was asked about the fact that the last series that he filmed was with the 'Old Five Tigers', but this time after ten years, he is back filming with Ron and Kenneth Ma from the 'New Five Tigers', but he says he doesn't know. "I didn't know that TVB had 'New Five Tigers', but I have watched their series when I was in Vancouver and they are very natural. They all have great potential and work hard to get into the roles. (Are you getting used to it again after so long?) Yes, apart from the hot weather. (Will you continue filming series?) We'll see how it goes now."

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