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Friday, June 16, 2006

Ron Ng, Selected As "Best Voiced Father"

Ron Ng has been selected as "Best Voiced Father" in a recent radio show's "Fathers Day" event. Ron thinks that this because he has the most 'father-like' voice and he says that he believes he will be a good father in the future.

Ron says that he used to speak with lazy pronunciation and was worried his children would pick this up from him, but after he started filming, he has retrained his voice in order to convey emotion and depth, so it has improved a lot. He is confident he will be a good father and he is against using physical punishment,because when he was a child, he was very naughty and would be smacked by his dad. He says: "In the olden days, they liked to use physical punishment, but I never learned despite being smacked so much and just became more and more mischievous. The most important thing is to establish good communication." Ron feels he does not have the career or financial foundations yet to get married or start a family, because if you have children, then you need to bear the responsibility of being a father.

Recent reports of
Ron's new series "The Academy 2" have suggested that due to the introduction of Kenny Kwan's role, then many of Ron's scenes have been deleted. Asked about this, Ron indicates he has only had notification about this series and he has not yet had a script, so he wouldn't know if his scenes were being reduced. He says that he didn't even know that Kenny will be in the cast. Asked if he was worried about his part being cut down, he says he is not and this type of series is all about teamwork. Asked if he is worried that his show will be stolen if stars such as Joey Yung and Kenny are introduced, Ron says that it is just work and they each have their fans to support and push up the ratings!

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Wen Wei Pao, Takungpao


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