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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ron, Raymond, Bosco, & Kevin: World Cup Fever!

June is really the month where guys will experience "the pain of being a man," as they watch the World Cup soccer games in excitement every night, yet still have to go to work the next morning. "It's not easy being a woman" either as husbands or boyfriends are so immersed in watching the soccer games.

In this issue of TVB Magazine #469, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Ron Ng will warm up with everyone; the World Cup is only once every 4 years.

Ron Ng- Being the Forward
"When I was a young child, I was influenced by the anime 'Soccer Player' but I didn't really get involved in soccer playing until I was in Form 1. I learned how to play soccer by watching people on the field and played with some friends in school.

"Of course injuries are inevitable on the field. My worst injury was when one time, a friend kicked me and my head hit the ground causing me to lose a lot of blood. I received 9 stitches at the hospital. If you look closely at my face now, you can still see the scar."

"Thankfully my injury did not leave me with any psychologial fears, as I still enjoy playing soccer occasionally. I play with Alan Tam Wing Lun on the Hong Kong Celebrity Soccer Team. Last time, I didn't have sufficient warming-up time, so I injured my left thigh."

"When I was a dancer, some of my dancer friends enjoyed watching soccer too. I remember staying up all night to watch the World Cup in 1998 and we bet who the winning team would be, with the winner getting a free meal. I ate a lot of free meals then!"

"I support the Brazil team as each player is a strong soccer player!"

Kevin Cheng
"Honestly I didn't play soccer in primary nor high school. At that time, the students were separated into 2 groups: ping pong players and soccer players; the 2 groups did not mix together."

"Although I didn't play soccer, I would still watch the games occasionally, since I was also under the influence of anime 'Soccer Player.'"

"I enjoy the scoring part the most, especially the intricate leg work involved and the team's collaborative efforts."

"Four years ago, I was hospitalized due to high blood pressure. At the same time, the World Cup championships were on, with Britain against Brazil. I remember I wanted to sneak out to watch the soccer games with my friend."

"I support Brazil as the team is very strong!"

Bosco Wong Loves Being Goal Keeper
"When I was in primary school, I was the goal keeper since I was quite [chubby] when I was a kid. My uncle also gave me a pair of goal keeper gloves so I felt it was destiny for me to guard the goal; also I can use my hands in the game."

"I enjoy watching all soccer-related programs, as soccer is so popular. But once I entered high school, my focus changed to basketball. When I had time, I would teach the junior students how to guard the goal in soccer play."

"I rarely had any injuries during soccer; the worst injury was when my father bought me a toy soccer ball and I used an inappropriate amount of strength in kicking the ball. Now I will watch soccer occasionally but rarely play."

"Everyone thinks that Brazil will win, but I support black horse Holland as the winning team."

Raymond Lam: Very Heart Warming
"I started playing soccer when I was a young child, until high school. I normally played on concrete grounds and didn't really have a chance to play on the grass field except on Saturdays. Most of the time, we played soccer with 5 people."

"I prefer playing center field. I have injured my hands and my legs were severely bruised like a pig's limbs. My soccer skills are not very good, but my friends are very skilled."

"After I grew up, I enjoyed playing other sports, with less time playing soccer. The last time I played soccer was half a year ago with my friends; everyone played their best and it was an occasion to get together with old friends."

"When I was a child, I enjoyed watching the World Cup Championships. My father would gather my brother and I to watch the soccer games, while eating snacks. Watching the games together with family is very heartwarming since those opportunities are very rare."

[X] credit: Jayne @, TVB Magazine #469
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