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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sharon Chan Emphasizes Her Beauty With Sex Appeal

Yesterday Stephy Tang, Sharon Chan and Vivien Yeo attended a special promotion function for “Lady in Red” and celebrated "Father’s Day" as well. Recently, Stephy often dresses sexily in coordination with her ads, but yesterday she retracted her sex appeal. She dressed up simply while Vivien, in a short skirt, and Sharon, in hotpants and spaghetti top, took away quite a lot of attention. However, her fans responded the warmest.

Asked Stephy why she dressed down, she said that her fans have been complaining recently that she dresses too sexily. Therefore, she dressed down a bit for this function. She also thinks that appearing sexily too often, people will easily get tired of it, so remaining a bit of mystery is much better. One of her songs in the album “Lady in Red” will be the theme song for “Love Guaranteed”. She hopes that the song as well as the series will be well-received. She also frankly said that she is interested in filming a series. In the past, she has filmed “Aqua Heroes”, but at that time she was still young and not many people knew her. So she hopes to be able to film another series and that more mothers will recognize her. Stephy is most interested in collaborating with the senior actors like Lau Dan and Liza Wang, because she will learn many things when shooting with them. This will help her acting skill improve then. Especially Liza’s “War of In-Laws” has left a deep impression on the viewers. If in reality, she really has a ‘sassy mother-in-law’, she truly wouldn’t know what to do. She has heard many friends relate their stories between mother- and daughter-in-laws and it could really give one a headache. She said: “I’m quite fearful that my future husband will only listen to her mother and not to me!”

Sharon Chan is accused of dressing like that to draw all the attention. She expressed that recently she has gotten a healthy colour with sunbathing and that’s why she appeared with a summer look. She doesn’t think this is a case of taking all the attention, because they each have their own qualities. And during the concert that evening, she didn’t wear sexy clothes but a long trouser. She thinks the most important thing is to be beautiful, so she doesn’t mind a healthy, sexy image! She also doesn’t mind to be snapped wearing a bikini while swimming and sunbathing. She will not give up her favourite water sports because of this. If she has the opportunity to go to a nude beach, will she be interested to try out sunbathing naked? She replied: “I will not do that! My principle is to not reveal any important places!”

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