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Friday, June 02, 2006

Sharon Chan: Not A Greedy Person

In new series "Trimming Success", Sharon Chan plays a girl who is money-hungry, but also a big spender, but in real life, she is very careful with money because she has to pay for her apartment and her car, so with such a great burden, every penny is under close scrutiny.

Sharon's character in the show enjoys all the benefits of being rich, able to splash out on anything that takes her fancy, buying designer gear and living a luxury life. Sharon's real life is very different from this as she admits that she is very shrewd with money because every month, she has to make payments for so many things. She says: "Everyone loves pretty designer clothes, but this is a matter of your values and I have never been a follower. I am very ordinary usually and only wear designer clothes when I am at a function, accessorising with my own gear without any problems. It doesn't all have to be designer."

On the other hand,
Sharon is not a greedy person and asked if her friends are greedy, she says openly that there are no greedy people around her, but they do share a common passion and that is shopping! Although Sharon admits she is not rich, but she will never depend on her boyfriend and nor will she spend his money: "I have always been financially independent and don't like spending other people's money. In the past, I would prefer my boyfriends to give me gifts that they have made themselves rather than something they have bought because this is more sincere and precious. If the gift is too expensive, then I would feel awkward accepting it."

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