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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Studio Blessing For "Lush Fields Happy Times"

Myolie Wu, Andy Hui and Jack Wu took part in the studio blessing for new series "Lush Fields Happy Times", for which Myolie and Jack have both had to put on weight to play their roles. As Jack did not have enough time to put on enough weight, he has a fake belly to pad him out a bit. However, he has still gained 35 lbs, increasing his weight from 130 lbs to 165 lbs and his waist from 28 ins to 36 ins. With his fat belly in place, he and Myolie make a very amusing couple and were the target of the press' cameras, leaving leading male Andy standing to one side.

After cutting the roast pig,
Myolie was presented with the pig head and she joked: "It matches me quite well." She has raised her weight up to 146 lbs now, but there are rumours that the producer would like to get up to about 180 lbs. Myolie denies this, saying that the producer has actually told her to stop putting on any more weight because if she is any fatter, then it would be unconvincing that Andy would fall for her. Asked about whether the weight has any effect on her menstrual cycle, Myolie replies: "I don't know how they would know, but I haven't experienced this. My health is very good, so you don't need to worry about me." Talking of this series using her fat look as a selling point, but she has already revealed her image before the series has even finished, is she worried that the surprise will be spoilt when she show is aired? Myolie says helplessly: "I have to go everywhere, so it can't be avoided. (There are suggestions that you have been stealing the limelight from Andy?) No, I don't want that. The best thing is to share everything between us, otherwise the pressure will be very great. I will just do my best in my own role. You can't really say who is stealing whose limelight." As for Jack, he complains that he is not fat enough and would like to put on another 20 lbs. His weight gain plan is to drink vita-milk and just sleeping and eating and not going out to avoid sweating.

Andy is feeling the strain as the location filming is tagged onto studio filming, but TVB is a nice plateau, where good ratings will really boost your popularity. With the spotlight on Myolie, is he worried that she will steal the show? Andy says graciously that the series is all about working together and he hopes that Myolie will pull in the success once again. He admires Myolie very much and adds that if there is a role that will allow him to shine, then he does not mind putting weight on and turning down other work either, but he finds it hard to imagin what he would look like on the stage singing if he was so fat. Asked if he has any kissing scenes with Myolie, he syas that the script hasn't been written to that point yet, but if there is a kissing scene, then he will still respect the group ethic and even if it is a 'bed scene', he doesn't mind. Andy says that he feels like a newcomer, not knowing anything and always asking questions. The hardest thing for him to get used to is the last minute amendments to the scripts, challenging the cast to learn their lines 'on the fly'.

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Takungpao, The Sun


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