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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Summer Heat Is Taking Its Toll As Myolie's Weight Gain Increases To 150 lbs

With her weight approaching 150 lbs, Myolie Wu was filming recently for "Lush Fields Happy Times" in the summer heat and she was finding it difficult and needed her assistant to fan her even when she was inside the shopping mall. She says: "I am suffering so much, I am so hot that I don't have any appetite and I am keeping an eye on my weight every day because I am worried that if I don't eat, then I will go skinny again, so when I am not hot and my appetite returns, I will eat more to keep my weight up."

To avoid losing weight from too much activity,
Myolie is keeping her exercise levels to zero, depending on her assistant for everything. As for the reports that she may be damaging her health by such rapid weight gain, she smiles: "I am not worried, I have been checking myself and I am fine, okay?"

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The Sun


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