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Saturday, June 03, 2006

TVB Weekly Fathers' Day Event

Nnadia Chan, Sharon Chan and Lau Dan were among the artistes taking part in a TVB Weekly Fathers' Day Event and as Lau Dan attended with his wife, he was asked to be photographed with her, but he declined, saying that his wife was shy.

How will
Nnadia be celebrating Fathers' Day after her recent reunion with her estranged father? She says: "For me, every day is Fathers' Day because I spend time every day with my dad and he tells me about things in the past. My dad's memory is fading and he has urinal problems, but luckily Cha Siu Yan and Chan Shuk Fun have introduced me to a good doctor. The fees are high, but for my dad's health, it is worth it." Nnadia has just applied for a karaoke members card for her dad and when asked what present she would be buying him, she says: "I haven't thought about it, I am so unfilial, but the most important thing is that I am spending time with him."

Sharon's father passed away in 2003 and at first, she was sad on Fathers' Day, but now she will still be happy for everyone else who is celebrating. She says that maybe she is missing her own dad too much, so whenever she works with some older artistes, she always feels very attached to them. Asked if she will be choosing a more mature boyfriend later on, Sharon laughs: "I might do. In the past, I like young and handsome boys, but now I like men who are more mature, over 40 would be the best!"

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The Sun, Wen Wei Pao


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