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Monday, July 31, 2006

Kevin Cheng & Gigi Lai Filming "An Easy Life"

Kevin Cheng and Gigi Lai were filming yesterday for TVB's new series "An Easy Life" in Causeway Bay's Times Square, attracting many onlookers in the busy mall and even causing traffic chaos. As they took the child star across the road, Kevin broke out in a bit of a sweat and Gigi had to wipe his brow for him. Despite this, Kevin said: "I have never looked after children before, but I have wanted to do it for a long time." During their breaks, many people came over asking for photos and complimenting them on their good looks. Gigi says: "Being surrounded by people is okay because it helps to break down the distance with the viewers. It just gets a bit warm!"

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Raymond Lam Not Worried About TVB Signing Mike He

Raymond Lam and Sharon Chan took part in an event for vision charity Orbis yesterday as guest judges and prize giving guests for a children's talent competition. They also took part in a symbolic gesture along with four children, breaking through some black balloons with short swords - symbolising 'bringing children out of the darkness of blindness'. Sharon has about 1000 degrees short sightedness and she laughs that this was down to watching too much TV and doing homework lying down as a kid.

Sharon says: "I really regret not looking after my eyes when I was younger and although I can wear contact lenses, sometimes when my working time is very long, it is very hard on my eyes. Once when I was driving, my eyes were so dry that the contact lense fell out." To accommodate her work, Sharon did think about having laser eye surgery and had prepared for this, but it was cancelled in the end because she had to film. Sharon adds: "Although I have heard from my doctor that there are some side effects from laser surger, but I think this will be later in life. At the moment I still have to work in this industry, so I would rather take the risk and do it. At least it will benefit me in the immediate future."

With the recent news that TVB Chairman
Sir Run Run Shaw has been admitted into hospital and the possibilities of a change of ownership of the company, Raymond says that someone had mentioned this to him before and he feels that a change of management may not be a bad thing because new investment would give more opportunities and a fresh approach. Moreover this would have little effect on the artiste department anyway.

As for the news that TVB has signed Taiwanese idol
Mike He, is Raymond worried about this new threat? He says that he will just do his own work and the company will promote newcomers all the time anyway and Mike is not the only newcomer they have signed. He says: "Every artiste already has their work arranged up to next year, so it will have no effect on my work." As the reporters complimented Mike on his looks. Sharon tried to make things less uneasy for Raymond by saying: "No matter how good looking, he is never as good as 'big brother' Raymond."

Raymond adds that it is a good thing for the company to sign more people because he has worked with most of the artiste department already and some fresh faces wouldn't go amiss. Although Mike He is very popular in Taiwan, Raymond has never seen him because he rarely watches Taiwanese series . He feels that the differences between Taiwan and Hong Kong are very great because the Taiwanese series are very idol-centred, whereas he is currently working towards becoming a true character actor.

Returning to the subject of eyes,
Raymond says that he has short sight in one eye and long sight in the other, which he inherited from his parents. He jokes: "It's a good balance." He says that sometimes when he is filming and has not had enough sleep, then he has to put plenty of eye drops in to reduce the redness and swelling. He knows this is not good for the blood vessels, but he has to put up with it.

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Bernice Liu Invited To Be The New Face Of Lipton Tea

The multi-talented Bernice Liu has recently been invited to be the face of Lipton teas in their latest advertising campaign opposite newcomer Nicky Hung. Bernice has been working too hard lately and her old hip injury has resurfaced, so she was in a lot of pain, but she kept on going and had to perform some quite difficult yoga poses, showing true professionalism. After the shoot, Bernice was picked up by her chauffeur father and she left quickly, forgetting to pick up her wallet and having to return for it later.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kevin Cheng: My Mother Thinks I Am Better Looking Than Mike He!

Kevin Cheng joined Nancy Wu, Natalie Tong and Elaine Yiu at a charity T-shirt selling event and as well as taking part in the selling, he also played games with the public. The proceeds for the sale will be donated to Orbis. For Kevin who suffers from astigmatism, but not short sightedness, he has found his vision a little blurry lately and he thinks he might be suffering from long sightedness due to old age, so he will need to take steps to protect his vision.

As for reports that Taiwanese star
Mike He will be coming to film in Hong Kong for TVB, is Kevin worried about this threat? He says lightly: "He speaks Mandarin and I speak Cantonese, so our roles are different and our cultures are different. He will probably play a Mandarin speaker, so there isn't much conflict." Kevin also feels that everyone should show their own talents and he has worked with Thai and Singaporean artistes in the past and this has gained him a lot of experiences. Who is more handsome in comparison? Kevin laughs: "Haha! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my mother thinks I am better looking!"

Talking of the news of
Sir Run Run Shaw's health and the changes at the TVB top, Kevin says that this is not his concern because it will not affect him.

Nancy performed a song on stage, but seemed a little out of tune. She says that it was because she has been busy lately and has not had time to practise her singing, but she hopes she will have the chance to sing a theme song in the future.


Yesterday Kevin Cheng was at a t-shirt charity. Regarding Mike He signing with TVB to challenge the four siu sungs, Kevin is also a victim of it. He said, "I don't have any opinions. Everyone will work on their own things. He can speak Mandarin as a Taiwanese person and I'll speak Cantonese as a Hong Kong person. There aren't any conflicts between our roles." When asked if he thinks Mike or himself is more handsome, he laughed and said, "People have their own opinions. My mom would probably think I'm more handsome and Mike's mom will think he is more handsome!"

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TVB On Illegal Downloading

Ron Ng filmed "War and Destiny" earlier opposite Myolie Wu and although the series is yet to be aired in Hong Kong, it is already available for download illegally from the internet. Asked about whether the company will be affected by this, TVB external affairs assistant chief Tsang Sing Ming responded: "We have always discouraged viewers not to partake in these illegal activities that violate the rights of the copyright owners. If they are found to do this, then we will instruct our legal teams to contact them and start proceedings against them."

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ron Ng To Demonstrate A Window Cleaning Robot

Ron Ng took part in the opening of a science and environmental event in Tseung Kwan O yesterday where he not only helped to launch the event, but was also asked to demonstrate a window cleaning robot. Reverting to his childhood in response, a playful Ron was very excited when he played with the robot. Talking of the environment, Ron says that he has shown an interest in this from an early age as his mother has taught him to sort out the plastic from the aluminium and recycle them properly and also to donate old clothes to environmental organisations. As a result his awareness of the environment is quite strong.

Ron's new series "Cadets on the Beat" has begun filming and as Fiona Sit is due to start shooting another film soon, the crew have been busy completing her scenes, working through the night and leaving the cast without much time to sleep.

Asked about the recent rumours that TVB will soon be sold off because of
Sir Run Run Shaw's deteriorating health, Ron says he is not worried about this as he believes the company will arrange what is best for everyone. He will just do his own job well, because the only thing he is worried about is having his pay cut!
Melissa Ng was also asked about this matter in another event and she says that she is just a small potato, so it would not affect her very much, but she does hope that Sir Run Run recovers soon. Cherrie Kong says that she doesn't really know much about what is happening.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Bernice Liu At A Kid's Modelling Event

Bernice Liu joined model Janet Ma and children's TV host Lulu Koi for a Kid's Modelling event as judges and Janet and her son Wong Yuek Wing gave a demonstration on the catwalk as little Yeuk Wing showed that he has inherited his mother's genes as he did the walk very professionally.

As well as being a guest,
Bernice also did a dancing contest with some of the children, but even before she had performed, she had already admitted defeat: "I will definitely lose because they are smiley and sweet, so the two little ones will win over the audience no matter how they dance! The two older ones have been practising hard, unlike me because I have been busy filming, so I will definitely lose to them!"

Bernice has a great talent for dancing and she was very happy that the dance-related events are inviting her to take part: "I feel that children in Hong Kong are very hard working and have a lot of pressure. Dancing can help to de-stress as well as develope one's confidence. It was a shame that there was not as much extra-curricular activities in Canada for me, otherwise it would have come in very useful for the beauty pageants. (Do you have plans to open a dance school?) At the moment I would like to learn to be a good artiste and do my acting job well first." Bernice headed out to America yesterday evening to shoot a secret ad, with the short trip lasting just three days.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Roger & Cindy Earns Money Together To Prepare For Future Baby

The marriage of Roger Kwok and Cindy Au took place earlier like a lightning bolt which caused rumors saying that they are getting married because of a baby. Yesterday both of them attended a function to earn money together to prepare for the milk money. Wearing a loose shirt, Cindy gave a misconception of being pregnant.

Yesterday they were the honored guests to an opening of a jewelry store for a 6-figure amount. This is their first time earning money together and attracted many people.

Because the shirt
Cindy was wearing was loose, it gave people thoughts that she is really pregnant. But Cindy denies it and Roger interrupts, "Is she pregnant? We don't know yet. We will find out a few months later. I need to work hard to prepare the milk money."

Since this is the first time
Roger and Cindy is working together, the jewelry store gave them a couple necklace worth $28,000 Yuan. During the games, Roger was blindfolded and had to figure out which hand belongs to Cindy. At the end Roger had to use his nose to smell his way to Cindy's 'scent'.

Roger disclosed that he did propose to Cindy three years ago, "When I was working three years ago, I called her and told her that I felt tired. Then I kneeled and proposed." He also said that many friends sent him their blessings through text messages, even rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ron Ng & Sammul Chan On The Set Of "Cadets On The Beat"

TVB's new series "Cadets on the Beat" was filming yesterday on the streets of Yaumatei and Ron Ng and Sammul Chan donned their policemen's uniforms once again in a scene that tells of them soon after graduation from the Police Training School, meeting with a road rage incident, where Ron has to go and intervene. Ron indicated that the weather is too hot and he is sweating constantly, but he only has one uniform, so he has to avoid body odor by continuously changing his vest underneath. Asked about the recent news of scissors being thrown from apartments in Mongkok and Shamshuipo, injuring people below, Ron says that these incidents are quite scary, but Sammul jokes that they have the protection of their helmets and wearing a police officers uniform should deter people from attacking them.

In the show,
Ron will become part of the 'blue caps' or Police Tactical Unit and he says that he was filming earlier near the Scouts Association in Jordan and some passers-by thought he was a real police officer who wanted to give them a ticket and only found out later that they were filming. Sammul indicates that there are many things that they are not allowed to do whilst wearing the police officer's uniform, for example, they are not allowed to drink or eat anything in the streets, because this will affect the image of the police. He says that earlier, he was filming in the deserts of China for an ancient series in 40 degree heat and the worst thing was wearing boots. He is used to the hot weather now, but the humidity in Hong Kong is quite hard to bear and he is glad to be wearing short sleeved clothes for this shot.

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TVB Actors & Actresses Showing Off Their Great Figures, Shedding Conservative Image

TVB have always been very protective of their actors and actresses, rarely allowing them out to give sexy performances and to avoid upsetting the company, the women have always been very conservative, avoiding swimwear and bikinis. However, the situation seems to have changed somewhat this year, as leading artistes such as Sonija Kwok and Shirley Yeung have showed off their great figures in bikinis for advertising jobs in a bid to make money and with the additional revenue, TVB seems to be making allowances for both parties to earn some extra cash!

In the past, for TVB's artistes to appear in swimwear was very rare and difficult , because TVB have always taken a rather reserved approach to avoid affecting their stars' images. To avoid female artistes being taken advantage of, there were layers of bureacracy that had to be overcome and the girls had to wear tape and avoid compromising poses when they eventually got to the shoot. However, the recent changes to the policy thanks to the new leader
Virginia Lok, the artistes no longer have to be wrapped up and the company has even sought some swimwear and slimming advertising work for their artistes to try and find another source of revenue for their salaried artistes.

In response to this change, many of the stars on TVB's books are united in their approval and feel that as well as making money for the company, they will also make more money for themselves, so this is a winner for everyone.

Linda Chung
The speed at which
Linda has been moving up the ranks in recent years has been astounding and earlier, she wore some sexy lingerie on the catwalk and in response to the company taking on this work for her, she is very welcoming: "It is good of the company to open up because it allows us more avenues to make money as long as the outcome is beautiful and healthy. The shows that the company arranges for me are not too revealing, just a little sexy, so I don't mind."

Vivien Yeo
Also hailing from
Miss Chinese International, Vivien does not mind doing swimwear shows and she feels that the changes to company policy is a good thing for artistes: "I don't mind the company arranging swimwear shows for me as long as it is pretty and healthy. As well as making money for the company, I will earn more too and the company chooses the jobs carefully and rejects any that are too outrageous. With the policy opening up and gaining more of these shows, then I will gain more experience and this is a good thing."

Sonija Kwok
After winning
Miss Hong Kong, Sonija has always been very careful with her body and apart from the Anniversary show, she rarely appears in sexy clothing. However in recent months, TVB has arranged a string of swimwear and slimming ads for her to show off her devilish figure and challenge the limits of her sensuality.

Shirley Yeung
TVB arranged two swimwear ads recently for
Shirley, where she had to walk the catwalk in a bikini. For the usually wrapped up Shirley, this attracted much gossip, but she does not mind: "Wearing a swimsuit in the summer is nothing unusual, as long as it is a healthy look, then being a little sexy is acceptable. The company has not just arranged for me to take part in swimwear shows, I have taken part in many other fashion shows and these definitely make money for the company."

Fala Chen
Hailing from
Miss Chinese International, Fala has been wearing swimwear for her new series, showing off her great figure and she says: "I am okay with wearing bikinis and it is fine if I can make money from it. The company has a keen eye on things and they still choose very conservative swimsuits. If the script requires it, then I will wear a swimsuit, so wearing it in a show is no problem."

Bosco Wong
Bosco bared his body for a male slimming advertisement earlier and he supports the new policy totally: "Showing your body off for an advertisement is a good thing as long as the results are healthy. I am not revealing myself intentionally and it makes me more money."

Kevin Cheng
Usually displaying a suave and reserved image,
Kevin suddenly showed off his body earlier and became a muscle clad man, showing off his six pack for an ad campaign and revealing his eligibility to be the latest lady killer.

Kenny Wong
"The Dance of Passion", Kenny's 42 inch chest was on constant display and this has elevated him to the status of housewife killer and TVB have capitalised on this, not only picking up topless ads, but also pulling carts in public! He says: "It's nothing really. The company did not mention anything specifically about showing flesh or not showing it, but you can't wear clothes for a swimwear advert! If the market is there and the image is a healthy one, then it is okay."

In order to push up ratings, it would seem that TVB is also asking for some bolder performances and pushing the boundaries of decency in its series. The earliest example of this was
Raymond Lam and Ron Ng in "Twin of Brothers", where their bare backsides attracted much criticism from viewers who felt this was unsuitable for their children.

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Tavia Yeung: I Really Miss Being Busty!

Tavia Yeung wore a backless dress to a beauty event yesterday as an opening guest and she smiles that next time, she wants to be their spokesperson. "This time I am just a guest for the opening, but next time I hope to be a spokesperson because I feel a little fat on my thighs and would like to reduce my hips to 33 ins. I can't lose from the parts that need to be bigger!" Tavia laughs that she misses her fake breasts: "Since wearing the costume for 'Casino Crisis', I have found myself to be very greedy and I can't go back, so I really miss being busty! I would like to have a bit more, but I will only use clothing to enhance my figure to make it look healthier and natural and I don't want to go for surgery."

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Ron Ng & Kate Tsui At TVB Children's Festival Event

Ron Ng and Kate Tsui took part in a TVB Children's Festival Event and Kate revealed that she would be cutting her hair short in preparation for filming "Cadets on the Beat" and she is quite nervous: "I have not had short hair for over ten years now and I am a little reluctant to do it for the series. (Are you afraid of losing fans?) No, they will still support me and maybe I will have more fans. I will do it for the sake of the series." As for working with Ron again, Kate laughs she is not afraid of rumours: "In the series, he will be paired with Joey Yung. (Escaped lightly?) Yes. You can't say that though, Ron is a good colleague of mine." As for Ron, he says he does not mind the reports and he does not read gossip magazines. The most important thing is working well with the others.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Raymond Lam Dates Two Girls At Once

Raymond Lam has been staying in Mainland for the past six months for the filming of two series, and now he is finally back in Hong Kong. Yesterday he was at TVB City in Tseung Kwan O for the costume fitting of Producer Lau Ka Ho’s forty episodes series. Once again, he is playing the role of a lawyer, and would be in a relationship with Linda Chung as well as being in a sister-brother relationship with Yoyo Mung. At the mention of how Yoyo and Chris Lai had rumours spread about them after they worked together, Raymond said, “I am a person who is not fated, I’m not scared at all about rumours.”

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Bosco Wong Attends Book Convention

Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤) is a TVB actor, but he is also good friends with former ATV senior executive, Chan To On (陳圖安). Yesterday, Bosco was present at the Hong Kong Book Convention to support his friend’s new book. When the two of them saw each other, they immediately greeted each other happily. Afterwards, Chan To On also held Bosco by his waist and even held his hands for over two minutes, unwilling to let go.

Yesterday, the “Hong Kong Book Convention 2006″ held at the Wan Chai Convention Centre continued to be very busy and lively. Chan To On held an autograph session to promote his new book 《愛我單丁男》. Bosco and a group of ATV artistes were all present to support him. When Bosco arrived, Chan To On excitedly greeted him. The two of them kissed cheeks and had their hands around each other shoulders. Even at the risk of being mistaken as “brokeback”, Chan To On went and held Bosco’s hand. He didn’t let go, until he had to take pictures with other people.

About Chan On To holding his hand and not willing to let go, Bosco expressed that he didn’t mind. He said, “We’re just friends!” When asked whether he was afraid of being called “brokeback”, he said, “Nope, we’re only friends. There are birthday kisses on birthdays too! It’s nothing really. Hugs and embraces are even more intimate than hand-holding, don’t you think? Besides, we’re both guys, so it’s no big deal. French people are like this all the time. If I’m holding a girl’s hand, then I wouldn’t know what to do.”

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kevin Cheng Got Fined $700 For Speeding In USA

Kevin Cheng took part in a BMW new car release event yesterday and wearing a cream suit, he appeared driving the new Z4 two door racing car, causing some screams from his waiting fans. Kevin reveals that his father liked BMW's a lot, so he was influenced into being a fan from a very early age. He also says that he likes this $750,000 car very much because it's exterior is very stylish and there are just two seats, so there is no room for the mother-in-law! He smiles that if the dealership will give him a good price, then he will consider buying a new car.

Kevin adds: "I like driving fast and once on an American highway, I raced my friend and we hit speeds of 200 km/h, but we ended up being chased by police cars and helicopters and were fined US$700. This is the biggest fine I have had to pay for speeding."
Kevin Cheng was the guest for yesterday's BMW conference. The company arranged for Kevin to enter the stage while driving a new race car worth 750,000 Yuan. When he said that this is like his dream car, he was asked whether he will buy one to ask girls out. He quickly said, "My looks are already enough! Why should I buy a car then? Although I am drooling over the car, the car only has two seats. My car right now is already too small to fit other workers in it. I want to buy a car that is convenient."

Kevin expressed that he isn't willing to spend alot of money on a car, but is willing to buy a watch to treat himself. But the limit is 100,00 Yuan, he said, "Right now I have the capability to buy watches but not cars." When asked if he had sped up while driving a car, he said he hasn't in Hong Kong. But while he was studying in America, he tried racing someone to Las Vegas. As a result, he ended up with a ticket fining him $700 USD.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Roger Kwok Willing To Be A ‘New Man’ For Cindy Au

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au have been dating for seven years and they are rumoured to marry at the end of the month in Disneyland. It has thus attracted rumours that they are marrying because she is pregnant. The day earlier, Roger returned from South-Korea where he has shot some outdoor scenes with Miss Hong Kong. He immediately went out with his future wife and were sweetly holding hands, walking over the street.

Roger and Cindy have been in a relationship for seven years and for many years, there weren’t any plans to marry. Earlier, the two of them suddenly spread out news of a possible marriage. It even becomes more extraordinary as they generously shared that they will get married within this year. So, it resulted in rumours that Cindy might be pregnant and thus the two of them are in a hurry to get married. In addition, Cindy also used the reason of publishing a book to ask TVB for a few months vacation. It seems to add more certainty to the news that they are getting married because of a pregnancy.

Earlier, reporters accidentally saw the couple at Central Plaza. Roger just finished his shooting in South-Korea for Miss Hong Kong and as he has a few day without filming, he decided to spend it with Cindy. Roger has always been referred to as a ‘macho’. In the past, when they were travelling they will always walk apart from each other and not hold hands. However, after he decided to marry Cindy, he immediately turned into a ‘24/7 husband’. They held hands when walking over the streets, he helped her carry her backpack and even helped her cross the street.

Afterwards, the two of them arrived at the parking lot. In order to avoid his girlfriend waiting too long, he ran to the front to pay the expenses. Then he drove his girlfriend back home.

Yesterday, the reporters asked Roger about this matter and he firmly said: “Definitely not. If she really is pregnant, why wouldn’t I admit it? I, Roger Kwok, am honest and truthful! If it’s true, I will admit it.” Earlier, many artists didn’t admit that they were having a baby as they were afraid that something could go wrong. Regarding this, Roger is different: “If she’s really pregnant, I wouldn’t mind confirming it.”

Asked whether they are getting married because they are thinking of wanting a baby, Roger frankly said: “Just let nature takes its course! I am getting married because it’s good timing. We really haven’t thought about the date yet, but it will definitely not be August. We need a little more time for our family to prepare it. Anyway, if we have decided the date, I will definitely let everyone know!”

In the past, Roger has always been referred to as ‘macho’, who would’ve thought that he has changed for his girlfriend. Roger smiled: “I am really not that macho! I am not argumenting for myself, but I’ve actually always helped her carry her bag. It’s only that nobody sees it. However, it’s very normal to carry bags. You can’t not help your girlfriend if you see her getting tired carrying her bag.”

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kevin Cheng & Sharon Chan At LifeCam Function

Kevin Cheng and Sharon Chan took part in a press conference for LifeCam yesterday where they were presented awards for "Stylish Man" and "Photogenic Image". Both stars indicate that they are webcam fans, with Kevin suggesting he could use it to have lessons over the internet with his singing teacher in America. As for Sharon, she used it to keep her romance alive as her ex-boyfriend lives in Canada and she used to keep in touch with him on the internet.

Kevin will be releasing an album soon and is currently seeking a singing teacher from abroad. He smiles: "In the past I had to fly to LA, but now with LifeCam, I can use this for my lessons. (How about Lau Ka Cheung?) He is responsible for the recording and every teacher has different methods and I have kept this up." He reveals that each lesson costs US$200 to $300, so he has to keep earning more money. You also have to book a week in advance and even if you cancel you still have to pay, so he will need to think abou this carefully. With rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow about to release a new record, featuring the track entitled "Mr Question Mark" about her dream lover, Kevin was asked about this and immediately replied: "My album does not have 'Miss Question Mark' and it is a compilation of new and old songs. I have just released a new song called 'Serious Notice'. (Will you be giving a copy to Tai Si Chung?) I hope he will buy one and support me."
Sharon wore her shorts showing off her beautiful legs and she says that she is a fan of the web cam because she once used it to teach an overseas friend how to cook as well as keep in touch with her boyfriend in Canada. Asked if she has been making male friends, she says that she uses a nickname on the net and she will ignore strangers.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bernice Liu Talking About Rainy Love Plots

In celebration of the anniversary of radio program “巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐”, the host Eileen Cha has organised a function about it. She has also invited eight new and popular artists including Alex Fong (Lik Sun), Ron Ng, Justin Lo, Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu, Stephanie Cheng, Stephy Tang and Fiona Sit. Together they displayed creativity as they joined forces and created an unique ‘child’s heart umbrella’ according to the theme toys of the childhood. A charity bazaar will be held during August at the APM mall in Kwun Tong with the raised money donated to a children’s foundation.

Yesterday two artists Ron and Bernice accepted an interview from the program’s host. When they talked about the sketch of their design concept for the ‘child’s heart umbrella’, both of them shared their little umbrella stories. Ron said that since he was little he liked the ‘traffic light’ game the most and thus he used it as his main theme for his designs. He expressed that he liked the game ‘traffic light’ because one doesn’t need anything to play it. One can play it anytime and everywhere with his or her friends, every time it was his turn to shout he would be delighted. When he thinks back about his childhood, he doesn’t have that many toys. Even a bicycle was a luxurious toy, therefore simple games like ‘hide and seek’ and ‘traffic light’ are his childhood favourites. Talking about stories related to umbrella’s, Ron said that he collects umbrella’s since his childhood. He will travel to different places around the world to collect attractive umbrella’s. The majority of his collection are Chinese-styled umbrella’s like handle designs of bamboo or cane. Also when he is shooting an ancient series, he will also inquire with the stage master where he could buy characteristic umbrella’s. He also said: “Actually umbrella’s don’t have to be too special as the most important is that one likes the printing. For example, I also have feminine polka dots and gentlemen’s umbrella’s in my collection.” And Bernice has chosen a ‘music chair’ as the main theme of her design because she has been introduced to music in her early years. She learned dancing, playing piano and other music instruments. She thinks that the game ‘music chair’ makes children very happy. She also thinks that this game can teach the children to connect with each other as well as establish friendships. During this program, Bernice also shared an umbrella-related story. She expressed that at her birth place it rains most of the days. Every day, the weather changes can also be very big as it could be snowing in the morning, while in the afternoon there could be a cloudburst. Therefore an umbrella is very important to her. As she often has to carry groceries over the street, she prefers small umbrella’s.

In addition, Bernice also talked about her newest series with Bosco. There will be a scene where she will walk with Bosco through the rain. Regarding to rain, she sees it as a romantic occasion. She said that strolling with a boyfriend through the rain is very sweet.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kevin Cheng, Angela Tong At Preview Event For The New Keroro Gunso Movie

Kevin Cheng, Angela Tong and Cherrie Kong took part in a preview event for the forthcoming new Keroro Gunso movie, allowing some children to take a sneak look at the movie before it is on general release.

As Children's Ambassador,
Angela says she loves watching foreign cartoons and she says she would like to do some dubbing for a cartoon character: "I have tried it before and it was a lot of fun. My voice is rather comical anyway and I would like to try some animal noises." Angela reveals that she will soon be taking a group of children to a school in the mainland to take some classes in Chinese Opera and she is confident in her own patience and thinks she will not be muddled with a big group of kids. With her 'Ah Ho' character leaving a lasting impression earlier, many of the children still refer to her as 'Sister Ho' and Angela laughs: "If I wear my false teeth, I will be even more popular. Maybe I am usually too cool, so I have been rescued, thanks to 'Ah Ho'."

Kevin was photographed earlier with a woman eating at a Central cafe and he received a ticket after parking in a restricted zone for his own convenience. Kevin says: "I like to go to that cafe, and on that day, I was meeting up with two male schoolfriends. The lady was the wife of one of my friends." He also says that he parked on the street for the sake of convenience and the fine on the ticket was more expensive than the meal, so in the future he will park it in the carpark like he should. He adds that many of his old schoolfriends have been married now and there are very few who are single left. Asked when he would be getting married, Kevin says: "Wait until I have saved enough money and met the right person first. Leave marriage to its natural course."
Kevin has been very busy recently and although filming is complete for his series "Psychic Cop", he will soon be recording for his new album as well as shooting a music video for his new song "Serious Notice" (Cheng Chung Sing Ming), with his guest partner Yoyo Mung. He says: "Over ten years ago for one of my other songs, Yoyo was the model for my video. (Has she lost her looks a little?) No she is very fresh and this is another attraction as she is more professional looking."

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Ta Kung Pao, The Sun

Friday, July 14, 2006

Raymond Speaks About Reporter Breaking Into Hotel Room

Raymond Lam Fung has always been under intense scrutiny by the paparazzi. Despite filming in Shanghai for the last half year, Raymond still could not escape the paparazzi. Last month in Shanghai, the paparazzi tried to break into Raymond's hotel room to take photos. But it turns out that the reporter broke into a crew member's room instead, making Raymond laugh.

Raymond joked that he is now like a native Shanghai boy, "At first, I was not used to the lifestyle in Shanghai. But now, my Shanghainese is quite proficient!"

"When I was filming 'New Breath of Love,' with Tammy Chen, I was originally sharing a room with a production crew member. However, there were a few scenes shot in the central city area, so to increase convenience, I stayed at a relative's house for a few days. However, the paparazzi thought I was still staying at the hotel. When the cleaning staff was cleaning the hotel room, a reporter broke inside and took some photos of the room. At that point, I was no longer staying at the hotel! I could only laugh after hearing about the incident."

"I knew that the paparazzi was following me around quite closely, but I could only let them do so! All the photos that they took were at work or when I'm eating lunch! I can't be too concerned about their behavior."

Hoping for a Long Vacation
Raymond has not had a vacation for 2 years and his biggest wish now is to have some free time off. However, his work schedule is filled until April 2007 and if he were to take a break, it would not be until the middle of next year.

In the new upcoming 40 episode series, Raymond will be acting as a lawyer. Wishing for a vacation, Raymond hopes that it will give him some free time to improve his acting and immerse into his roles better.

"Since I have been filming series back to back, especially while filming in Shanghai for 6 months, it has alienated me from the outside world. When I returned to Hong Kong, I couldn't remember the roads while driving. I felt that my [reactions] became slower. If I can take a vacation and recharge, taking in new experiences, perhaps it will increase my ability to portray characters better."

"If I were to portray a character similiar to my character in 'La Femme Desperado' again, perhaps I would be able to approach it from a different angle! Only new stimulus will lead to improvement!"

Music Album
Raymond was in Canada for a concert and the fans welcomed his performance immensely. "I have sang several theme songs in the past, so I am quite familiar with singing. I would love to release a music album, but that is dependent on [TVB's] plans. But I have continued to practice my singing skills, as I will often sing at fans' gatherings!"

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The Sun

Bernice & Friends At Johnni Walker's Function

Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, Annie Lau and Vivien Yeo took part in an event for Johnnie Walker yesterday and competed in a cocktail making contest, where Bernice took the winner beating favourite Linda.

Making her cocktail with fruit, mint and birds nest,
Bernice indicated that her father loves to drink, so with her exposure, she won the contest. As for all her recent ads bringing in the money for her, Bernice and her parents have been out looking at apartments in the hope of moving into a larger home: "My ideal home will have to accommodate my two dogs. Earlier, I was bitten by mosquitoes whilst filming in the rural areas and my legs swelled up, but fortunately when I got home and saw my dogs, it made me feel much happier."

Linda losing the contest, she has a lot of experience too because her father and a friend have collaborated in a wine cellar business so she has grown up there, playing in the cellars and tasting the wine. Asked if she has been keeping Ekin Cheng company whilst he has been complaining about being bored, she laughs: "I would like to work with him again, maybe later we will go out for dinner in a big group."

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The Sun